New 2009 Travel Guides from Lonely Planet

Guidebook publisher Lonely Planet has a bunch of new kinds of books coming out during 2009 – and a lot the emphasis seems to be on getting you a lot of information in a short time. There must be a growing market of travelers who want short web-like hits of information without the anecdotes of the traditional Lonely Planet guide, so if you’re one of them you might be interested in these 2009 publications:

  • The Encounter series of guides, which seem to have a few coming out each month in 2009 – including Athens Encounter, Bali Encounter, Florence Encounter and London Encounter. These guides advertise that they’ll give you “twice the city in half the time” so are probably best for short break trips.
  • There are also many new editions of the Fast Talk phrase books and language guides coming out during 2009, including Fast Talk French and Fast Talk Italian.
  • And if you can’t afford to travel this year and want some armchair travel literature instead, Lonely Planet are re-releasing several great travel narratives in 2009, including Sean Condon’s Sean and David’s Long Drive about a trip around Australia and Alex Kerr’s Lost Japan.

Creative Commons License photo credit: seanmcgrath