London Museums For War History Lovers

There is a lot of history to be found in London, and if you are one of many fans of war history museums, you won’t be disappointed by the selection that London has to offer. While there are dozens of smaller war-related musuems across the country, some of the major war history museums to be found in London include:

  • The Imperial War Museum has five different branches with the main one in central London, and entry is usually free. Founded back in 1917, it has collections of many different kinds of artifacts related to Britain’s experience of war.
  • The Churchill Museum and Cabinet War Rooms are housed underground and have recently been expanded to include a section devoted to Winston Churchill.
  • Winston Churchill’s Britain at War Experience is an interactive museum located near the London Bridge, giving a somewhat real-life experience of war – for example, you can visit an underground air raid shelter.
  • The National Army Museum looks at how the experiences of the British Army reflect the history and character of Britain; it’s divided into four sections, with the most popular being the World Wars (covering 1905-1945) and the Fighting for Peace section which looks at the modern day experience of the British Army.

Creative Commons License Photo credit: Bernt Rostad