Local Travel Options

Traveling has become more expensive than ever. First of all you’ve got the high price of fuel, then you’ve got rising airline costs with hidden fees at every corner, and if you’re thinking about going abroad the value of the U.S. dollar is just not what it used to be.

Rather than spending the big bucks and taking that vacation or skipping the trip all together, explore your home. Every state has a tourism bureau that can load you up on information about your region and what’s more exciting than learning a little more about where you live and maybe learning more about yourself in the process.

Whether you’re interested in a day at a local beach, hiking trips through the woods, shopping excursions, or all the trappings of a traditional tourist stop there’s bound to be something within a few hours of your home that offers you everything you want. Sure it’s not a week at the Riviera but you may find you like some of your local hot spots better and a new family tradition may develop.

And, in addition to saving some money for yourself and your family, you’ll be pumping money into your local economy, helping your neighbors and in the process you’ll be helping yourself.

Creative Commons License photo credit: michale