Jewelry Organizer for Travel

If you’re traveling and just can’t leave your jewelry behind, then a jewelry organizer may be the perfect travel companion for your trip. A jewelry organizer lets you store all of your valuable treasures, and costume jewelry as well, in one neat little pack.

Select a jewelry organizer that has a zipper or Velcro sealed pockets so you can seal your earrings and other small items inside so they won’t shake loose during travel. Look for several compartments so you can keep your items separate to prevent damage. Separate as many of your necklaces from each other as possible as a chain tangle can quickly and easily ruin a valued treasure.

Most travel jewelry organizers roll up and tie shut which makes it just a little bit more difficult for things to slide out of compartments.

As a side note, grab an extra jewelry organizer for your hair accessories or for medications. These handy little travel packs don’t have to be used for jewelry and they do an exceptional job of holding other trinkets that you take on the road.

Do remember that most jewelry organizers are not secure or locked. If you’re traveling by air and worried about the sticky fingers of baggage handlers then leaving your good jewelry at home is probably the best idea, its always better to be safe than sorry.