Italy Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time to Simon Capp

With an internet-based translating job and a young family, Simon Capp thought it was a great time to take over and live abroad for a year or so, and that’s how the book Italy? It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time was born.

Italy Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time

As the title suggests, all did not go smoothly during Capp and his family’s stay in Italy. But things that go wrong when you’re traveling make the whole story better, and when you’re trying to live somewhere for an extended time, there are plenty more opportunities for things to go wrong – and all that can make a good book.

Capp and his family ended up living in two different parts of Italy, ending up in Tuscany, but the scenery doesn’t make up the majority of the tale. Trying to get a phone line installed – very necessary for the internet connection for the translating job – and dealing with a particularly unfriendly landlord keep the family busy for the first months of their Italian journey. In their second home they’re practically adopted by a local family and that’s when traveling becomes something more personal and special, when they can truly experience life in an Italian village.

Capp writes in a very readable style and anyone who’s contemplated taking their family to live abroad could learn a few useful tips from his book – along with fans of Italian food and culture.

Creative Commons License photo credit: ezioman