India Travel in 2010: The Commonwealth Games

The lead-up to a fun reason to visit India in 2010 has begun. In October next year, the city of Delhi will be swamped with sports people as the Commonwealth Games are held for the 19th time. A mini-version of the Olympics, attended by Britain and its former colonies like India, Canada, Australia and almost 70 other countries, there are 17 sports involved so there is plenty of interest for all kinds of sports lovers. In fact, it will be the largest multi-sport event ever held in India, so there is a lot going on both for the sports people and the tourists the games will attract.

At least 100,000 tourists are expected to stay in Delhi during the Commonwealth Games next year, but if you can’t make it for the sporting events themselves, many of the current initiatives will be longer lasting and will benefit you whenever you visit Delhi. For example, the Delhi Transport Corporation is training its staff in speaking better English and helping foreign tourists out as much as possible. Of course, there are also new venues and refurbishments taking place across the city, and hotels are also sprucing themselves up to cater for the large influx of tourists.

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