Ice Hotels from Sweden, Quebec, and Finland

Ice hotels represent one of the most unique travel experiences you can have, as many of the hotels have to be rebuilt from scratch every year. Sleeping in real fur blankets on bed carved from blocks of ice might not be for everyone, but it is an experience you will never forget.


Sweden’s Jukkasjarvi village is home to ICEHOTEL, the world’s first ice hotel. Built each year from December to April, the hotel features a bar, church, main hall, reception area, and enough rooms and suites for 100 guests. Each room contains blocks of ice sculpted to resemble chairs and beds and each room is slightly different, making the Icehotel a truly unique experience. Its many enchanting qualities have made Icehotel one of the Seven Wonders of Sweden and it is worth a visit for anyone who wants an adventure.

Ice Hotel - Entrance-charley1965637Creative Commons License Photo credit: charley1965

Ice Hotel - Entrance

Ice Hotel Church @ Jukkasjärvi-bjaglin882Creative Commons License Photo credit: bjaglin

Ice Hotel Church

Ice Suite 302- Ice Hotel - Sweden-charley1965160Creative Commons License Photo credit: charley1965

Ice Suite 302- Ice Hotel - Sweden

Ice Hotel Suit @ Jukkasjärvi-bjaglin836Creative Commons License Photo credit: bjaglin

Ice Hotel Suite

Ice Bar-charley1965703Creative Commons License Photo credit: charley1965

Ice Bar

Arctic Resort Kakslauttanen

Finland’s Kakslauttanen Hotel and Igloo Village provides an enchanting arctic getaway in the midst of the Lapland region’s beautiful scenery. There are 31 first-class log cabins in the area and a variety of activities to take part in no matter what season it is. During the winter, you can enjoy wandering through the famous Igloo Village and dining at the world’s largest snow restaurant. You can also see the northern lights from late August to April, making it a great place to visit just to experience one of nature’s most famous spectacles.

castello di neve in lapponia 02-arcticroute.com90Creative Commons License Photo credit:

Snow Restaurant

bar di ghiaccio 003-arcticroute.com217Creative Commons License Photo credit:

Viking ice carving

castello di neve 005-arcticroute.com509Creative Commons License Photo credit:

Titanic ice carving

castello di neve 006-arcticroute.com93Creative Commons License Photo credit:

Three mast ship ice carving

ice gallery in lapponia 02-arcticroute.com139Creative Commons License Photo credit:

ice gallery

igloo village 001-arcticroute.com939Creative Commons License Photo credit:

Entrance to Kakslauttanen Hotel and Igloo Village

Hotel de Glace – Quebec

Quebec’s Hotel de Glace is truly a unique experience, as any hotel made primarily of ice would be. while you should not expect a luxury experience at the Hotel de Glace, you should expect a vacation that you can tell your friends about, especially when you manage to comfortably sleep on what amounts to a block of ice. The hotel features a spa area with hot tubs and a sauna so that you can warm up as well as an excellent bar. In all, the Hotel de Glace is the ideal destination if you want a memorable getaway.

Ice Hotel / Hotel de Glace - Quebec-Simon le nippon385Creative Commons License Photo credit: Simon le nippon

Ice Hotel / Hotel de Glace - Quebec

Seats in Ice Hotel / Bancs dans l'Hotel de Glace - Quebec-Simon le nippon203Creative Commons License Photo credit: Simon le nippon

Seats in Ice Hotel

2005-03-11 019-lune15151Creative Commons License Photo credit: lune15

Chairs in Ice Bar

IMG_0447-daveinmtl620Creative Commons License Photo credit: daveinmtl

Ice Columns

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