How to avoid lost luggage

According to the US Department of Transportation, approximately 98 percent of delayed luggage reaches its owner within a few hours. Still, over one million pieces of luggage were lost, delayed, or damaged in just May and June of 2007. If you’ve ever had your luggage lost en route, you know had it can disrupt your business trip or vacation. Here are some tips on avoiding having your luggage lost, even for a few hours:

1. Check Luggage Tags. When you check in, either at the counter or curbside, make sure that your luggage is tagged to the proper city. If you don’t show the three-letter code for the city to which you’re flying, you’ll find in on your paper ticket or your e-ticket confirmation.

2. Consider Atypical Luggage. If your suitcase looks like the others in a sea of black one-suiters, consider buying a bright red or even a brown case. That one act will greatly reduce the chances of someone taking your suitcase by mistake.

3. Label your Luggage Inside and Out. The airlines require you to label your luggage on the outside. Adding an additional label on the inside of the bag is a good idea, just in case the outer label gets torn off or removed. Use your office address if you don’t want your home address visible to strangers.

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