Hotel Alternatives in Australia

Australia’s a country where many of the main tourist hot spots experience pleasant, sunny weather for much of the year, and that’s why considering alternatives to hotels is a great way to get to know the country better – as well as make your trip a whole lot cheaper.

  • Luxury camping – especially if you’re touring the outback, there are heaps of providers who will set you up with luxury style tents, and even transport them and erect them each night. In outback desert spots where few hotels or resorts exist, not only is this often the best option, but it means you can get closer to nature in a safe and comfortable way.
  • Driving your accommodation around – in Australia they call them campervans and caravans and while they’re generally not as big as the RVs you usually see in the US, they do the job quite well enough. Caravans tend to belong to retired Australians who are circumnavigating the country, so the best bet for tourists is to hire a so-called campervan. Rates are very reasonable (as are site rates in camping parks) and you can usually pick up in one city and drop off in another for a small extra charge.
  • Self-contained accommodation and guest houses – away from the main cities, renting holiday homes by the night or the week is sometimes the only way to find a bed in a small country town. It also means you can self-cater and find some relaxing peace and quiet. Local tourist information offices usually have all the information you need and can also make bookings for you.

Creative Commons License photo credit: spykee

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