Hot Restaurants in Ontario

Ontario has carried many slogans and songs throughout it’s history. Many have originated to invite those living outside of their prosperous local, to visit. “Is There Any Other Place You’d Rather Be,” “Yours to Discover,” “Ontario Incredible,” and “There’s No Place Like This,” were meant, at least in part, as a calling for visitors. Ontario’s hospitality doesn’t end with it’s slogans, you’ll also find it in it’s entertainment and dining offerings.

Acqua Ristorante, located at the intersection of Front and Young, is on the same block as the Hummingbird Center and the Hockey Hall of Fame. It’s a busy lunch and pre-theater dinner spot. The food can be as top-of-the-line as duck and butternut squash risotto to a grilled ribeye. Enjoy a seat at the beautiful mahogany bar for a cocktail before dinner.

Alice Fazooli’s is as unique as its name. This Italian-Cajun restaurant is located in an old printing press warehouse that’s been made over. They have an extensive wine list and tap beer from Germany, Belgium, England and, of course, Canada. You’ll find Alice Fazooli’s busy, however, you’ll still be seated quickly with friendly staff and service. The Pacific shrimp is especially excellent.

Goldfish Restaurant is located in Toronto in a glass fishbowl-like structure. Choose between one of the favorites, tuna, squid or stuffed capon. Add their double dipped Belgium fries for a unique night in dining. If you’re really feeling frisky, top your dinner off with a shot of vodka.

Babalu’u combines smoldering salsa dancing and oh-so-good Latin food. You’ll find them in the heart of Yorksville. The Seared Sea Bass or the Smoked Chicken Fusilli are the menu choices, but don’t leave before trying your hand at the merengue out on the dance floor. Even if you aren’t up to any hot salsa dancing, watching others makes for a full entertainment evening.

Big Daddy’s Crab Shack and Oyster Bar boasts being the hottest restaurant in Ottawa, Ontario. If the crowds laughing and enjoying the ambiance and fun of this restaurant is any hint to their popularity, they must be right. You’re going to love their Crab Alfredo or Blackened Yellowfin. You choose, you can’t go wrong with either dish. In the summer, ask for a table on the outdoors patio. Who would have guessed the French Quarter of New Orleans was really in Ontario.

Black Cat Café is a soothing wine bar with a noodle bar. The location will surprise you, but it’s worth the effort to find this quite, even romantic restaurant. The light pastel walls and wicker chairs sit on warm wooden floors. Enjoy a glass of Canadian white zinfandel before you partake of their Ginger Lime Shrimp with rice noodles and Asian vegetables. But, save room for a dark chocolate truffle with a glass of dessert wine.

Claire de Lune , located near the Chateau Laurier, this is believed to be Ottawa’s king of fine dining. In the summer months the restaurant opens it’s bright blue awnings to the street making way for a French sidewalk cafe. Using local, fresh ingredients in their dishes of French cuisine, they offer Wild Mushroom Risotto and Spicy Pancetta.

Dimmi is close to the downtown Yorkville attractions. It offers the simplicity of pizza and pasta but with a gourmet twist and flavor. The friendly, quick and helpful service staff makes the dining experience complete. Dimmi’s thin crust pizza and pasta comes in choices of Shrimp and Baby Clams, Tiger Shrimp, It’s the perfect place to dine with friends, business associates or while on vacation.

Eggspectations is a trendy breakfast/brunch diner with a delightful solarium surrounding, located in Ottawa. Their menu offers eggs Benedict in twelve different ways. But don’t miss out on trying one of their many specialty omelets. But don’t be fooled, they’re not all eggs. Their’s meat, fish, pasta, salad, burgers and great desserts and coffee drinks as well. Their upscale décor features the circus of eggs (Les Cirques des Oeufs).

Euro Star Bistro is owned and run by two Lebanese sisters, Jeanne d’Arc and Marie “Mama” Antoinette. It’s located on the trendy street Elgin in Ottawa. They are open 22 hours a day – wow. The two sisters invite and revel in the different characters that may come bay day or night. No one is turned away no matter how off-the-wall they may seem. With that kind of introduction, it’s worth it to go and see who stops by.

Fancy Shoes is a pasta joint named after the famous gangster Carmen “Fancy Shoes” Travolta. It has under-world hangout décor in a gangster theme. Weather beaten brick walls and tinted windows give it the unique atmosphere of a swaggering ghost of times gone by. Chef Laura Prentice whips up some of the best pasta dishes you’ll ever taste.

Courtyard Restaurant is a massive stone building on George Street in Sussex. You may enjoy private rooms while dining or choose to eat outdoors on the cobblestone courtyard in nicer weather. City scenes adorn the outdoor tables. Eat dessert first, if you dare to order the Maple Sugar Pie. Then you can start what will be an exquisite meal with Whalesbone Oysters on the half shell and then AAA Angus Striploin – grilled.

Green Papaya Restaurant, located in a building with pealing green paint in Ottawa. If you can get past the buildings exterior, you will love the rich interior of golds, greens, reds and oranges, full of antiques and tapestries. Their Indian cuisine is equally as impressive with the favorite Red Curry Panang as well as milder menu selections.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Geoff604