Hot Restaurants in Seattle

Seattle is an usual place to dine because your get the wonderful combination of natural resources, waterfront locale, and an environmentalist attitude. Just add diners and stir and you’ve got the perfect recipe for incredible dining. So it’s no surprise that Seattle has some incredible hotspot dining restaurants that are not only drawing raves but repeat customers who just can’t get enough.

Kingfish Café

Kingfish Café is a rare treat in the Northwest, its southern cooking done right and extremely well. This family concoction takes the best of family tradition and recipes and mixes them together to create a top notch restaurant that has learned through trial and error what people like and what works in this area. The family atmosphere is palpable and makes guests feel as though they were personally invited to dinner. Each photograph on the walls at Kingfish Café is a family member, telling more about the tradition of cooking and the family itself. If there is one word to sum up the dining experience at the Kingfish Café it is soulful.

Rays Boathouse

Rays Boathouse is known for its fresh catch of the day. Rather than just picking good fish to serve Rays Boathouse focuses on sustainable northwest seafood paired perfectly with artesian cheeses, local produce and meat. The menu changes weekly as the local harvesters work thorugh the old crop and into the new. The wine list is almost too large with a shocking 700 wines, most of them from the northwest, so feel free to ask the waitstaff for any suggestions they may have. Although the food is great and the wine list extensive, the best part about Rays Boathouse is the incredible views of the Olympic Mountains and Puget Sound. Ask for a window seat so you can soak up everything that is great about this restaurant.

Canlis Restaurant

Canlis Restaurant has been a staple in the Seattle area for more than 50 years and for good reason, it seems to have everything right, from the beautiful scenic location to perfectly selected ingredients. Owner Peter Canlis give deep thought to every aspect of this restaurant, making sure to take great care in giving guests a view of the downtown action as well as the kitchen. Food is served team-style meaning you’ll get as much attention as you need. Canlis is credited with being one of the founders of Northwest cuisine so it’s almost a must for tourists coming to get a taste of the region. Be forewarned, a strict dress code is enforced, so come dressed in your best.

Metropolitan Grill

The Metropolitan Grill in Seattle is simply referred to as The Met by locals and has achieved a status that is unique to the area. This popular steakhouse puts quality first in everything it does. From the 1903 historic locale to the prime cuts of meat, from beginning to end this is bound to be an incredible experience. Steaks are of the finest cuts and seared over imported mesquite charcoal. To compliment your steak, the wine list is award winning and features a variety of beverages with an emphasis on Cabernets, Merlots and Meritage. The Metropolitan Grill is a Seattle staple and popular with everyone.

i know of a wild ginger-faeryboots940Creative Commons License Photo credit: faeryboots

Wild Ginger Restaurant

Wild Ginger

Wild Ginger is an Asian restaurant that has found favor among the locals and the tourists for its light airy atmosphere and authentic Pacific Rim concoctions. The best flavors are artfully combined to create signature dishes that delight everyone from first time visitors to jaded food critics. And the best part about Wild Ginger is the food is exquisite without being overpriced.

Assaggio Ristorante

Oozing Italian charm and atmosphere, Assaggio Ristorante is welcoming and friendly to all who come through the doors. The menu is a combination of bold and robust flavors from the central and northern parts of Italy.  Chef Mauro Golmarvi had more than 25 years experience before he decided to open Assaggio Ristorante in 1993, working now as the owner he had a bit to add to every aspect of the operation. As an Italian native, Chef Golmarvi’s main goal is to bring high quality, authentic Italian cuisine to the local table. He regularly shops Pike Place Market to hand pick the freshest ingredients and imports many of his wines directly from Italy. A delightful restaurant for anyone who craves traditional Italian food.

El Gaucho

At El Gaucho steaks are still on the menu as this steakhouse has found its trendy audience through the opulent design and attention to details. But don’t be swayed to stay away because you’ve had your fill of steakhouses, the seafood served at El Gaucho is equally delightful and the quiet atmosphere makes it the perfect place to sit back and relax after a hectic day at the office or sightseeing. The wine list has received mention and accolades from Wine Spectator so be sure to find an appropriate pairing for your meal.

Chez Shea

Chez Shea has been dubbed the most intimate restaurant in the city, so if you’re looking for a great meal experience for two then tuck yourselves in at Chez Shea for a romantic evening like no other. The French restaurant has followed the local trend of filling the menu with local ingredients and only the freshest fare around. This means the menu is always changing but it always has its signature French flair. The Chef Tasting Menu is a delightful way to explore the menu with seven courses that span its entire breadth. If you’re not willing to indulge that much, consider the four course tasting menu which still gives you a great feel for everything Chez Shea has to offer.


Champagne is considered one of the city’s best restaurants with its focus on fresh and French. Another restaurant that knows the value of local produce plucked at the peak of perfection, Champagne works wonders with the region’s incredible growing environment. The southern French influence gives a richness that these prime ingredients deserve. To get the most of your experience the prix-fixe five course menu lets you sample different aspects of the well appointed menu.