Hot Restaurants in Houston

Houston Texas is the fourth largest city in the United States and is gaining notoriety for being one of the best places to dine. The crop of new and incredible restaurants in this previously ignored city is magnificent and needs to be explored by anyone visiting Houston.

Pappas Brothers Steakhouse

With roots that go as deep as Houston there is no way you could shake the ranching tradition out of Houston’s dining scene. Pappas Brothers Steakhouse has been around for more than 60 years and has earned a special place in the hearts of local Houstonians. Only quality ingredients are chosen to be used in Pappas Brother’s signature dishes and each meal is prepared with attention to detail. In addition the wine cellar features more than 2,300 different vintages so you can select your favorite wine pairing to go with every dish. And don’t skip dessert, made fresh daily from the Pappas bakery dessert is one thing you can’t skip when you dine here. And for those who don’t find the desserts decadent enough, head into the lounge and enjoy a fine cognac or single malt scotch and one of the 60 different cigars available to guests. Pappas is old fashioned goodness from start to finish.

Strip House

Another steakhouse that’s become one of the local favorites is Houston’s Strip House. In fact, Strip House has garnered such acclaim that it’s been named one of the Top Ten Best Steakhouses in America by Maxim Magazine and one of America’s Greatest Steakhouses by GQ Magazine. In addition to their noted steaks, Strip House takes pride in their decadent side dishes such as the truffle creamed spinach, goose fat potatoes and the famed 24 layer chocolate cake. But one does wonder if the aforementioned male centric magazines are more excited by the provocative images of women on the walls than they were the steaks. But either way, steaks and half naked women, it sounds like the perfect restaurant for many men.

Mark’s American Cuisine

Voted the most romantic restaurant in Houston, Mark’s American Cuisine is situated in a 1920’s church with golden ceilings, hand painted walls and candlelit tables. Led by Chef Mark Cox the food at Mark’s American Cuisine will take your breath away. With four unique menus to choose from you begin your culinary journey on the right note. The Seasonal Menus highlight the local tastes of the season with super fresh ingredients that change regularly. The Recommended Menus feature the Chef’s recommendations which change twice daily. The Verbal Menus change many times throughout the day to highlight dishes that have just been completed and are known as the freshest meals around. And the traditional menu with some of your favorites for the less experimental in the crowd.


Rioja is not the finest dining in all of Houston, in fact it’s not even close but it’s certainly one of the hottest places to eat in the city. Meals here are served tapas style so bring a group of friends and order a slew of incredible plates to share. Take note that the paella at Rioja is well known for being the best around and you won’t be disappointed in this order.

Chez Nous

For French food in the heart of Texas, Chez Nous is the place to go. This is another award winning restaurant which delights its guests, especially the ones looking for a romantic getaway. The meals at Chez Nous are carefully prepared to bring forth the highlights of each ingredient, melding them together in a concoction that you won’t soon forget. The selections are a little pricey but definitely not the most expensive out there. Take full advantage of your visit by exploring the entire menu from appetizer to dessert.


Houston may not be the city you think of when you think of progressive Indian food, that is until you’ve eaten at Indika. Once you’ve had Indika’s progressive Indian food you’ll want to keep coming back to experience it again and again. It’s no wonder that Indika has earned the title Best Indian Restaurant and continues to win raves from guests and reviewers. But one of the things that makes Indika very unique and quite popular is its cooking classes. Typically held on the fourth Sunday of every month the classes teach you how to create some of the wonderful Indian flavors that you love so much.

Da Marco

Da Marco was once known as the most exciting place to dine in the city of Houston, while they competition has stepped up to the plate a bit more  it’s still one of the more exciting places around. The food can be edgy and sometimes features things like homemade headcheese and it can also be comforting like heirloom potato salad. It is Italian food made with perfectly simple elegance. Owned and operated by Chef Marco Wiles and his wife the restaurant is obviously more than just a business venture to the couple, it’s personal.


It seems like you can’t talk about hot and happening restaurants these days without including at least one sushi restaurant. In Houston Kubo’s is that restaurant. The goal of the restaurant under owner Youchi Ueno was to bring traditionally healthy traditional Japanese cuisine to the Houston audience. Apparently Ueno has succeeded as Kubo’s has been named the most authentic Japanese food in the city. With two of the best Japanese chefs around, Executive Chef Manabu Horiuchi and Sous Chef Yu Suzuki, it’s no wonder that every meal at Kubo’s is an amazing journey to the orient. And it must be said that the key to good sushi is the quality and freshness of the fish, something you’ll never question at Kubo’s.


Tony’s open and lively environment is a hint at what’s to come. The cuisine at Tony’s is contemporary European features some of the freshest proteins around. Tony’s prides itself on its attention to detail, not only are the ingredients the freshest available but the entire staff looks to anticipate the needs of their guests from start to finish. Owned by noted local restaurateur, Tony Vallone, the restaurant has an image to uphold in the community and meets this mark by providing guests with the top notch cuisine they’ve come to expect from Tony’s.