Hints on Taking the First Big Trip

With gap year travel becoming so popular and more and more young people finding time between school, college and working life to get out on the road for an extended period of time, the concept of the new Lonely Planet book The Big Trip should definitely interest a few readers. It’s the first edition of this title and is all about planning and executing your first “big trip” abroad.

Although the marketing wants us to think that career breaks are for any age group, the book’s image looks clearly aimed at late teenager and twenty-something travelers who don’t have much experience traveling independently or abroad. But there’s definitely information inside that could be helpful for anyone planning some extended travel.

Main sections include tips for planning, ideas for earning cash along the way, choosing your destinations with hints on good round-the-world routes, and more detailed information on the rules and regulations for English-speaking travelers (from the United States, Britain or Australia) who apparently are the biggest segment of this market. As you might have come to expect from Lonely Planet there is also a section of lists including a “20 Big Trip Travel Experiences” list of the best 20 destinations around the world. Not sure about the top 20 list, but the rest of the information is pretty solid and handy for first-time travelers.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Mr.mt

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