How to Hide Money When Traveling

If you’re taking a trip and worried about where to hide your cash there are a few tried and trusted tricks that you can use to keep your money safe. In fact, it’s best to try a few of these tricks and space your money out just so there’s always a stash at hand.

Money belts are an old favorite and have been around forever. Some money belts look exactly like regular belts and only the most seasoned travelers and criminals will know the difference. On the inside of the belt is a zippered pouch where carefully folded bills can be stored. Some money belts are more obvious as they’re just pouches held to the body with a belt but they can work just as well.

Secret money pockets sewn into pants or socks are also a popular way to protect your cash from criminals. Unless the criminal is fishing through your clothing its doubtful that they will find the loot hidden inside.

Hide some in your hotel room in a toiletry that a thief or cleaning lady with sticky fingers is not likely to look. Get creative and find places to tuck your cash.

There are a number of favorite places for hiding money when you’re on vacation but the safest best it to hide it in your bank. Leave your cash at home and carry a credit or debit card instead.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Unhindered by Talent