Healthy Eating on the Road

For many people taking a vacation means taking a vacation from healthy eating and this is sometimes okay if you’ve planned for this added luxury. But for others this is simply not acceptable because of diet restrictions, health concerns, and a lifestyle regimen.

If you fall into the latter category and you want to or have to stick with your diet, use the following tips to stay on task.

Find a Market

Don’t rush to the nearest diner or restaurant for every meal, find a local market (or bring food with you) so that you can create healthy meals on your own. You’ll also save a ton of money if you go this route.

Order within the Diet

It takes discipline, but learn to order foods that fit into your dietary restrictions and stay away from the foods you normally wouldn’t have. You can even do this in places where the cuisine is very different, just learn what you can have and what is good for you and try the local culinary creations featuring the “good” foods.


You’ll never stick to the diet on your trip unless you have amazing willpower or if you let yourself splurge a little bit. It’s a vacation and there are going to be new and wonderful things to experience. Reward your good eating behavior with a little treat now and again, just don’t go overboard.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Lili Vieira de Carvalho