Group Tours in Baltimore

Baltimore isn’t typically on the top of most people’s list of dream vacations, but it’s a wonderful place to take a trip. There are so many things to see and do and such a diverse variety of highlights that the memories you make will rank up there with those you make on the most exotic destination.

One great way to experience a city like Baltimore is by taking a number of group tours. These tours are led by tour guides who are well versed in the city and its history and the specific highlights of the tour you’re on. But the guides can also give you insightful tips on other local hotspots. And a group tour gives you the opportunity to meet others who have similar interests, you may find yourself making friendships that last a lifetime.

Baltimore Ghost Tours

Select from three different haunted tours at Baltimore Ghost Tours. This fantastic tour group offers an experience like no other. The Original Fells Point Ghostwalk takes visitors through the many haunted locations in the maritime village of Fells Point. The new Mount Vernon Ghostwalk explores Mount Vernon, Balitmore’s cultural center, it’s a great way to learn more about the city’s hub, both present and past. And for those looking for more spirits on their tour, the Fells Point Haunted Pubwalk takes you through the many haunted pubs in the region, and guests are invited to sit back, enjoy a brew and listen to the tales of ghosts who used to haunt the very spot where you’re seated.

Segway Safari

The latest trend in group tours is the segway tour. Hop aboard one of these novelty cruisers and head out for a Mini Safari or a City Safari. The Mini Safari gives you a glimpse of Maryland’s first National Historic District, Fells Point and the Little Italy section of town. You’ll hit many stops along the way and learn the inside scoop on other points of interest. The City Safari is a more in depth tour that covers the Inner Harbor area in addition to the Fells Point district. Take the in depth City Safari tour and you’ll learn more about the history of the city including experiencing a brush with local pirates.

Spirit Cruises

Spirit Cruises of Baltimore gives you a variety of options if you’d like to tour this harbor city from the water. There are brief 75 minute narrated sightseeing tours which provide interesting facts and details about the harbor as well as giving you a chance to view the USS Constellation, Fells Point, the National Aquarium, John W. Brown Liberty Ship and more from the ship. Or you can sign up for one of the entertainment cruises and combine your tour of the harbor with a wonderful dinner.

Mount Vernon Place Guided Walking Tour

Mount Vernon Place is known as the best preserved 19th century urban square in the United States. By taking the Mount Vernon Place Guided Walking Tour you’ll learn the history of the affluent citizens who created this district and some of the magnificent monuments and buildings that still exist today. The tours are inexpensive and rather short, only 90 minutes, so it’s a wonderful introduction to the area and gives you a chance to get an overview before you decide which areas to explore in depth.

Ghosts of Gettysburg Candlelight Walking Tour

Baltimore must be chock full of ghosts because there are more than enough haunted tours to go around. The Ghosts of Gettysburg Candlelight Walking Tour has been featured on cable television more than a couple times so the stops may seem vaguely familiar to you. There are three options for the walking tours. You can tour the streets of Baltimore with a guide for a brief and fairly short tour. Visitors can take the Seminary Ridge Tour along the Confederate battleline which is another rather brief and short walking tour. And the slightly larger and longer tour follows along Carlisle Street to the Gettysburg College Campus. Remember these are nighttime candlelight tours so dress appropriately.

The Baltimore Basilica Tour

The Baltimore Basilica Tour gives you a guided tour of the United State’s first cathedral, the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The Basilica was built from 1806 until 1821 and was designed by America’s first bishop, John Carroll and architect Benjamin Henry Latrobe. Educational tours happen daily at the Basilica and tickets are not required but checking the website is recommended. The tour includes a visit to all areas of the church including, the upper church, undercroft, Our Lady Seat of Wisdom Chapel, the crypt, Basilica Museum, Pope John Paul II Prayer Garden upon request.

Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Museum

The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Museum is open to the public regularly but if you’ve got a group headed to the region they will be happy to arrange a group tour for you. For those people interested in the railroad this museum is a must see destination as it contains some of the oldest and most comprehensive railroad collections in the world. Those familiar with the game Monopoly will recall the line by its less formal name, the B&O Railroad.

National Aquarium Baltimore Immersion Tour

If you’re bringing a group to Baltimore or you have a special occasion and want to do a special group outing then the Immersion Tour at the National Aquarium Baltimore is a great place to go. The Immersion Tour features expert guides who will take your group through the aquatic world and give you the insiders perspective. You’ll learn that what goes on behind the scenes at the National Aquarium Baltimore is just as exciting if not more exciting than anything you get to see from the other side.

Explore the city of Baltimore with an experienced tour guide that will show your group the insider’s perspective that you’d never get by touring the city yourself. And who knows, you may discover that the group experience is so full of unique perspectives that it’s something you want to continue trying every time you travel.
Creative Commons License photo credit: sneakerdog