Destination: Puerto Rico

As you dig into a spicy, citrusy ceviche and down a typical rum drink, you’ll know that coming to Puerto Rico was a fantastic choice.An island of 24-hour fun, Puerto Rico is Spanish for “rich port.” Surrounded by temperate aquamarine waters and featuring a saucy blend of Latin culture and American ways, this Caribbean island is a popular destination for families, friends, and groups of all kinds.

The island offers a little for everyone: Outdoorsy types can go scuba diving into waters populated by brilliantly-colored fish, history buffs can visit El Moro, and everyone will enjoy a glass-bottom boat tour of the famous Phosphorescent Bay. Explore Vieques and Culebra, two islands just off the coast, full of incredible, indigenous flora and fauna. Take yourself out to a merengue bar late at night, enjoy local beats, and let someone teach you the basic steps.

Reasonable prices and startling beauty will make your trip to this lively island an experience you’ll never forget. Stretch your dollars and indulge in an oceanfront horseback ride, grab a massage at a local spa, or pack a picnic dinner for a startling sunset meal.

As an American territory, travel to and from is relatively easy, and communicating when on-island doesn’t present the same challenge as many other Spanish-speaking locales, so book your next group getaway to the beautiful island of Puerto Rico.

via flickr