Celebrity Voices Give You Direction on Your GPS

Okay this is absolutely a must have. A friend of mine was on assignment in Michigan (of all places) and was in a car with a GPS system that featured the voice of Billy Bob Thornton ala Slingblade, uhmm-hmmm.

Turns out that you’re not stuck with the saccharine and generic voice that comes with your GPS system, you can customize them to suit your personality or to shock and amaze your friends. Most receivers come with some voices built into the system so you can choose between friendly male or friendly female voices. Some companies let you download new text-to-speech voices so you can get just the right effect for your situation or find the voice that makes you melt.

Here’s a sample of Dennis Hopper


If you have a TomTom system you’re lucky because you get access to all of Navtones voices, which keeps expanding regularly. You can expect to pay somewhere between $5.95 and $12.95 per voice. The higher priced voices typically belong to celebrities while the lower prices are characters such as Witch Waytogo and Bubba.

Garmin also offers alternative voices but they’re no where near as extensive as Navtones and don’t feature any celebrities. Although one can only assume that they’ll be boosting their repertoire in the near future as well.

Creative Commons License photo credit: gahdjun