Travel Book Review: Good Advice for Traveling With Young Children

51a4riiunrl_sl500_aa240_Many new parents – even those who were travel addicts – might decide that the time in which their children are under five years old is a time to stay home and take small, simple vacations. They need to read the new Rough Guide to Travel With Babies and Young Children for a bit of reassurance that even larger trips are still possible, with the right expectations and preparation.

This Rough Guide is divided into four basic sections – preparation, getting to your destination, what to do while you’re at your destination, and some specific region-by-region tips for traveling with children.

Much of the advice sounds like common sense, but it seems to have sprung from years of successful travels with children and is important information to help parents plan a successful trip. Throughout the book, there are also pullout boxes of “Travellers’ Tales” – anecdotes from parents who have successfully negotiated the perils of travel with small children, and some of these are fascinating – like the musician who traveled with her orchestra with a four-week-old baby.

This guide doesn’t talk down to travelers – in fact, if anything it’s targeted at experienced travelers who are now taking on journeys with a family in tow. It’s something that would be very handy to read before embarking on any reasonably-sized trip with extra-small travelers.