Golden Gate Park Pagoda – Travel Photo of the Moment

The Travel Photo of the Moment is of Fall Colors at the Pagoda

Golden Gate Park has many different activities to offer. First, you can take a segway tour around the entire park provided by the Electric Tour Company; these include all of the trails and main roads. The cost of the tours are $70 per person and consist of a group of 8 patrons with 1 guide. Other activities include visiting the Golden Gate Park Carousel, California Academy of Science, the Golden Gate Park Pagoda (as pictured) and more!

Another popular attraction at the Golden Gate Park is the beautiful botanical gardens, meadows and groves. There are various hills to climb, from difficulties ranging from easy to challenging. Some of these are Whiskey Hill, Hippie Hill, The East Edge, Bunny Meadow and more. One of the most popular gardens is the AIDS memorial grove, a comforting place to friends, family and people suffering with AIDS. Inside the grove you can have a picnic, host an event relating to the arts, or even get married.

You can also host and participate in various sporting events, such as golfing, horseback riding, baseball, biking, rugby, basketball, volleyball, handball, soccer, boating, tennis, archery, dog runs and even a skate park. You can play in a group of your own for your sport or participate in one of the various tournaments that take place throughout the year.

Maps of the picnic areas, dog parks, playgrounds and more of the park’s rules and regulations are available on the Golden Gate Park Website. Remember to always bring refreshments and use proper disposal areas to help keep the park a safe and clean environment for the visitors and wildlife.