Ghost town in the sky

Tucked into the base of the Great Smokey Mountains is Ghost Town in the Sky, one of North Carolina’s most popular tourist attractions.

The brainchild of R.B. Coburn, The Ghost Town in the Sky, opened to the public on May 1, 1961 and instantly became a million dollar idea. During its heyday a multitude of stars made appearances, but as the western slid out of favor so did the theme park. By the early 2000s the park was falling into disrepair and closed due to safety concerns. Luckily, it was purchased in 2006, millions were pumped into its refurbishing and The Ghost Town in the Sky is once again open to the public.

This family fun park is designed to appeal to every age group and features staged gun fights, live music and shows, thrilling rides and attractions. Once in the authentic western town you can visit the two saloons, schoolhouse, jail, or church. Dance hall girls perform for guests while gun fights blaze outside. And, if you’re lucky, you’ll catch a glimpse of the authentic Cherokee Indian dancers and musicians.

The newest addition to the park is Heritage Town Square where you can take a tour through 40 years of Ghost Town memorabilia, examine craftsman handiwork, and even try your hand at gold mining.