Getting On Top of Sydney Harbour Bridge

One of the most iconic symbols of Australia, the Sydney Harbour Bridge, is not only a functional traffic and pedestrian bridge crossing one of the world’s most beautiful harbors – it’s also becoming a classic tourist experience for visitors who want to get a different view of Sydney by getting right to the top of the bridge.

BridgeClimb has now been running for ten years, and around two million people have been brave enough to inch their way up to the top of the giant structure. In fact, it’s not something that can really be classed as adventure travel – the extensive safety precautions make it suitable for nearly everyone and the main restrictions are that you are physically healthy and reasonably fit – and over ten years of age.

The cost to join a climb on Sydney Harbour Bridge might the main restriction for some tourists. The cheapest rate is A$189 (US$140) and the prices increase for more popular times. And although it’s a once in a lifetime experience, climbers are also not allowed to take cameras with them (in case they fall onto the road beneath) so you’ll have to rely on the tour leaders for photographic evidence of your feat. But the view is, of course, spectacular.
Creative Commons License Photo credit: stage88