French strike tomorrow will wreak havoc

Travel around Europe may be a little difficult tomorrow, thanks to a 24-hour strike by members of France’s public transport unions. The strike will effectively shut down major parts of the French transportation infrastructure, but its effects will ripple outward and no doubt affect other parts of the European mainland.

The French national railway stated that train services will be almost crippled with nearly 90 percent of trains being canceled. The Paris Metro is a looking like it may be totally shut down, which will cause major problems for commuters and visitors.

Even the cross-channel link Eurostar will be affected. Paris to London journeys have been reduced by six trains out of 50 so far, so the delays will be minimal if the situation remains the same. But if more unions join the walkout then more trains will be canceled or delayed. The company has already canceled four more trains from Friday’s schedule because when workers return the trains will have to be moved to their rightful locations.

Source [IHT]

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