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Flyclear is one of the registered travel programs that allows travelers to bypass normal security lines when they travel through participating airports. The membership program cost $128 now (it’s expected to go up to $200 by the end of the year). Once you fill out an online from you have to go to any of the flyclear locations to have your fingerprints and retina’s scanned. The process takes about two weeks after your information is scanned (so don’t expect to show up at the airport that day hoping to bypass the line). Once you clear card arrives in the mail you can use it at airports across the country . When you arrive at the airport they will verify your ID with a drivers license and then scan either your finger prints or retinas to verify your identity. if everything checks out you are escorted to the front of the X-Ray screening line by passing the normal wait. The amount of time you save depends on the line, at JFK I usually save anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes.

Flyclear isn’t at every airport, so you’ll have to check if they are at one of the airports you use frequently to see if it’s worth the expense. Also it’s only available to adults, so families who travel with children can’t use it. However if you are a frequent traveler it will almost certainly pay for itself in the amount of time you save.

If you are thinking of signing up be sure to use this discount code it gives you an extra month free added to your account. Sign up for for the Flyclear program here.


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