In Flight Travel Products

For some traveling is a passion, for others it’s a necessary headache. If you’re facing a trip, whether its for fun or business, the following travel products can make your flight much more enjoyable.

Comfort Plus Transit Pillow. With this inflatable portable pillow you get the comfort you need without taking up a lot of space. Simply blow it up when you need it and deflate it when you don’t. The quilted Primaloft covering makes it much more comfortable than other blow up devices.

Compression Socks. If you’re prone to blood clots or swelling in your legs during long flights then these are exactly what you need. Not only do they provide the comfort and support you need during flights but they work well for hiking trips and daily wear as well. And the moisture-wicking Dri-Release feature keeps you dry and comfortable.

Flight Spray. The first nasal hydration spray specifically designed for flights may just prevent you from getting those horrible airplane colds. Alleviate nasal dryness while enhancing your body’s immune system.

Ear Plugs. Protect your hearing and getting a little peace and quiet while traveling. Ear plugs are an inexpensive and convenient little gadget to have on hand all the time. They’re not only a travel goodie.

It’s the destination that matters, not the flight to get there, so minimize the stress of the flight by making yourself as comfortable as possible.

Creative Commons License photo credit: iron fillings