Flickr Group

At Kathika, we are more than a blog. We want all of our readers to stay in touch, and more importantly, send photos from their latest trip.

If you submit images to our Flickr Group, we will be sure to include them on the blog at the first available opportunity. And if that is not good enough, we may even decide to feature your image in an entire blog post. The more images that you submit the better chance there is that we will be able to blog about them.

Everyday, we surf the net for high quality travel photos. In addition to locating our own images, we have decided to let you, the reader, submit them to us as well. This gives us the chance to update our blog with fabulous images, while giving you the chance to show everybody just how much fun you had on your last trip to Hawaii, Paris, or wherever you have been spending your time.

Submitting images only takes a few seconds. And who knows, there is a good chance that your image will be featured and blogged about by one of our travel experts. Join the Kathika Photo Group.