Fine Dining in Los Angeles

Whether you’re traveling to Los Angeles or a local the following guide is a useful way to pick from the best fine dining establishments in the city and ensure you’ll get a great dining experience.


Providence’s two star Michelin rating in 2009 proves that this restaurant provides delightful cuisine that is a hit with patrons time and time again. Taking its cues from the sea, Providence brings some of the world’s premium wild seafood and shellfish to the table with simplicity and grace that lets individual ingredients shine though in each bite. Co-owners Donato Porto and Executive Chef Michael Cimarusti agree that this is the best way to present fresh seafood to their guests.

Nine Thirty

Nine Thirty has won its share of critical acclaim and is another one of the uber trendy restaurants that is touting the fresh is best motto. Their approach is an upscale version of from farm to table with a seasonal emphasis on American cuisine. Nine Thirty is housed in the W Hotel in Westwood and the menu is chock full of local ingredients with information on the farm that each item was raised or grown at. The menu changes nightly so be prepared to find a new favorite at every visit. For more fun into the night, Rande Gerber’s Whiskey Blue nightclub wraps around Nine Thirty providing you an easy and instant evening full of excitement.

Grace Restaurant

At Grace Restaurant Chef Neal Fraser specializes in new American cuisine with an emphasis on usual sauces and eye catching, palate pleasing side dishes. The meals routinely deliver superb and quality fare that suits any fine dining situation. Grace creates special menus for holidays, wine maker dinners and benefits. They also host a variety of special events throughout the year which provide even more opportunities to experiment with their taste profile and give yourself a little treat.

Traxx Restaurant

Located in the Union Station, Traxx Restaurant is both beautiful and remarkably tasty. The building is a combination of Spanish colonial, art deco, and modern architecture that is uniquely Californian. The food is touched with a unique sort of style that seems completely Californian as well, but is probably more influenced by Head Chef and Owner Tara Thomas. Traxx has become a staple in the area and has been a steady crowd pleaser since 1997. This is a great experience for visitors as you get a combination of wonderful fine dining and a taste of local history.

Water Grill

Water Grill received rave reviews by Zagat Guide who said Water Grill has the best seafood in southern California. With freshness, quality and an attention to preparation like no one else it’s not surprising that this restaurant shot up to the top of the critics list almost the minute it opened. Chef David LeFevre works his presentations with a touch of cosmopolitan grace that adds a bit of worldly panache to the plate. The accolades for Water Grill are many and it’s quickly easy to understand why this restaurant is a hit with diners.


Rivera sets lofty goals for itself, the celebration of the story and spirit of the Latin culture around the world in food and drink. The restaurant focuses on Latin inspired cuisine from the past, the present and quite possibly the future. But what really makes Rivera unique is the combination of Latin food and French cooking techniques. In addition to delightful cuisine with just the right amount of seasoning to make the ingredients sing, Rivera has a fine wine list with most of the participants coming from Spain, Portugal, and South America.  But go a little light on the wine as you’ll want to make a trip to the tequila tasting bar and enjoy a shot of tequila like you’ve never had before.

Vincenti Ristorante

Vincenti Ristorante is a fine dining establishment that feels somewhat familiar and more welcoming than traditional stuffing fine dining establishments. The modern looking room takes advantage of Scandinavian woods and red and purple hues to set the stage for Master Chef Nicola Mastronardi’s creations. The chef works behind a thick glass wall so every patron can watch his mastery of the craft. The ingredients are either imported directly from Italy or collected from local organic producers. Don’t be swayed by the casual comfort of the restaurant or the jeans clad clientele who sometimes make an appearance, Vincenti Ristorante is truly a fine dining restaurant with meals that can compete with some of the best in the country.

Noe Restaurant & Bar

Noe Restaurant & Bar features cuisine that has been labeled progressive American, which really means that there is a touch of Japanese and French inspired fusion married with American fare. Located in the Omni Hotel in downtown, Noe features two different private dining areas and an outside patio where you can take advantage of the beautiful weather and the exciting skyline. Executive Chef Glen Ishii changes the menu frequently as he works his meals around the changing harvests and whatever fresh foods are available. There is an usual amount of focus paid to the textural quality of the food at Noe which is remarkably pleasing to most guests. To be the most out of your visit, if you’re in town in the summer months, enjoy the six or nine course tasting menu or the patio version, a three course tasting menu. If you really, really want to try everything this restaurant has to offer then dig in for the 21 course tasting menu.

Please note that while we do our best to list some of the best fine dining restaurants in Los Angeles we can’t guarantee that the restaurants on our list will be the most popular or trendiest stops in town as L.A. is so fickle that the trends change by the minute. If you’re looking to find a star or two your best bet is to scour the industry trade magazines to see where they stars have recently been spotted. But if you’re looking for a great fine dining experience then stick with the tried and trusted restaurants that have lasted and proven themselves to be leaders in their field.
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