Fine Dining in Boston

As the capital and largest city in Massachusetts, Boston is considered the economic and cultural center of the region. Being one of the oldest cities in the United States further boosts the appeal of this anchor city. As one of the most popular and populous cities in the New England region Boston knows how to feed its people. A dining experience in Boston is bound to be something you won’t soon forget and one which you’ll be raving about to your friends.  If you’re looking to hit some of the best fine dining restaurants in Boston use the following guide to get the gastronomical experience of a lifetime.


In the heart of downtown Boston is Bonfire, a restaurant that is sure to light the fires of your heart with its rich and rustic interior and absolutely splendid cuisine. This Todd English concoction is headed by Executive Chef Robert Bean, a Massachusetts native, who began learning the Todd English way with food back in 2004 at Olives Las Vegas in the Bellagio hotel. Bean knows how to put on a show at Bonfire with a firewall that runs across the back wall and an impressive taqueria behind the bar. Bonfire is English’s first steakhouse in Boston and features American style cuisine with just the right touch of European influences. Make sure you come hungry as you’ll want to sample some of the gourmet tacos and empanadas before digging into your generous steak.

Gargoyles on the Square

Gargoyles on the Square is a crowd pleaser and an award winning bistro that was able to transform gracefully from a local neighborhood restaurant into one of Boston’s top fine dining restaurants. Gargoyles prides itself on providing its customers with some of the best modern American cuisine around without subjecting them to the high prices that some of their competition charges.  If you’d like to experience Gargoyles on the Square but you’re intent on cutting corners financially, head to the bar where you can order from the limited menu which is full of inexpensive delightful goodies.

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Locke-Ober Tavern

For fine dining enthusiasts, Locke-Ober is oh so familiar and yet a completely unique experience. Keeping to its history as a turn of the century landmark in Boston, the restoration in 2001 kept many of the original features and simply boosted the appeal and intimacy of the restaurant. If there is a place to see and be seen in Boston, Locke-Ober is it, with its far reaching acclaim bringing folks in from near and far to experience their version of contemporary American cuisine.

Zebra’s Bistro and Wine Bar

Another Boston area bistro delight is Zebra’s Bistro and Wine Bar where classic comfort food it tweaked and twitched until its like nothing you’ve experienced before. Zebra’s is a little bit of something for everyone as the main restaurant provides customers a traditional fine dining experience and the sushi and wine bar gives you a more casual night out. No matter what experience you’re opting for, you’re bound to have one of the best meals you’ve ever had at Zebra’s Bistro and Wine Bar.


Radius brings French cuisine to Boston like no other restaurant in the area. Their focus on melding all of the senses together into a dining experience that reaches beyond the palate and into your heart. Radius is considered one of the elite restaurants in Boston and holds this honor with pride. The modern French menu takes traditional French sophistication and twists it around local seasonal ingredients until culinary perfection occurs. Sit back and relax and enjoy the experience because it’s not likely that you’ll ever find anything quite as stellar as Radius.

No. 9 Park

Beautifully surrounded by history on Beacon Hill, No. 9 Park sits in an elegant old townhouse which brings a certain sense of intimacy to your fine dining experience. Chef Barbara Lynch has blended the flavors of French and Italian cuisine together with regional flair and emerged with simply food that sings with flavor. Don’t expect to walk up to No. 9 Park and be seated, you’ll have to make your reservations in advance, at times weeks in advance, so you’re ensured a seat in this popular hotspot. If you’re making a premier visit to No. 9 Park, consider the seven course chef’s tasting menu which changes weekly. This way you’ll get the richest and fullest experience possible on your first visit.

33 Restaurant & Lounge

33 Restaurant & Lounge offers its patrons traditional New England cuisine bursting with flavor. Their contemporary menu boasts their reliance on locally grown produce, fresh caught seafood, and homemade pasta and changes routinely. Executive Chef Joshua Botsford is known for his ability to weave Mediterranean and Latin American flavors and originally put 33 Restaurant & Lounge on the map during his 2004-2005 tenure when the restaurant earned a 5 star Award of Excellence from the North American Restaurant Association. After his success with 33 Restaurant & Lounge Joshua lit off to Denver where he started his own restaurant and garnered acclaim and accolades. 33 Restaurant & Lounge is thrilled to be bringing Chef Joshua Botsford back to their restaurant in 2009 and expects a gastronomical explosion of taste to follow.


Known for both its martinis and tapas menu, Ecco is a delight for folks who live and work in East Boston. Ecco is one of the hot new places for the uber elite to gather and relax while they enjoy the trendiest treats in the food and drink arena. Although there are full entrees at Ecco, give tapas style dining a chance as you’ll get to experience the most Ecco has to offer in flavor and atmosphere. Chef David Fitzgerald seems to have an affinity for Asian flavors so if that’s what you’re in the mood for you won’t be disappointed.

As a city noted for its place in American history, Boston’s culinary scene leaves the past behind as it innovative restaurants embrace traditional fare and fresh local ingredients while bringing unique and modern touches together. No matter what you’re craving, you’re bound to find it wrapped with a new twist in Boston’s fine dining scene.

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