Finding Nino in Italy – Book Review

Marc Llewellyn’s new book Finding Nino tells the story of Llewellyn, his wife, new-born baby and dog moving to the Italian island of Lipari. Spending a year or two in a Mediterranean country is not really the makings of a new and original travel story, although many of the most famous predecessors seem to focus on life in France rather than Italy, but Llewellyn does manage to put an original spin on the idea.

Finding Nino

For a start, he and his family seem to jump into this plan almost a little too spontaneously. It takes a special combination of naivety and courage to decide to move to an isolated Italian island when your first baby has just arrived, and you can’t really speak Italian. But these things turn out to be a blessing: a child is extremely welcome in Italy, and the locals on Lipari speak a dialect so distinct from Italian that didn’t matter anyway.

Llewellyn’s story moves along with a lot of fun and the Nino of the title is a local man who both teaches and entertains. From spending time on a prawn trawler to learning how to become a peasant farmer, all the while juggling the challenges of new parenthood, Finding Nino is an entertaining read – which may or may not inspire you to take your own plunge and leave somewhere exotic for a while.

Creative Commons License Photo credit: giopuo