Family Restaurants in Orlando

Orlando seems like it would be an easy place to find food for kids. After all, it’s where is located. And that’s true – there are many terrific restaurants all throughout the city that offer food for children. The problem is that most adults don’t want to eat at those places. It’s not that the food isn’t good; it’s that it’s not great. It’s made for kids, designed to be cheap and lacks the traditional taste that adults want when dining out.
Luckily, there have been some great chefs and restaurant owners over the years who have recognized the need for family-friendly restaurants that offer foods for both kids and adults. As these restaurants have gotten more competitive, they have also begun to offer a better ambience. They have entertainment and a setting that keeps kids busy while they wait for their food without making adults feel like they’re still at the theme park. They provide a happy medium for everyone in the family.

The most famous locations for family-friendly dining are the resorts that are located in Orlando. The Disney World Resort, Epcot Center and Disney’s Animal Kingdom are a few places where restaurants can easily be found to suit the tastes of everyone in the group. For example, at the Disney World Resort is a favorite for all ages. . As the name would suggest, the chef is Mickey and he entertains the kids at this buffet-style restaurant that’s fairly easy on the pocketbook.

Another hot spot for dining is 9/”>CityWalk Orlando, a spot that provides both entertainment for kids and interesting information for adults at every restaurant that is found there. It also has tons of good food. You can get full information on ten . The highlights include Bob Marley Tribute to Freedom, Hard Rock Café Orlando and NBA City.

But CityWalk Orlando and the other resort destinations throughout Orlando aren’t the only places where you’re going to be spending time with the family. Here are some other terrific family-friendly restaurants that you can put on your itinerary:

. If you want to hunt down a chain restaurant that families around the nation love, this is the one to go with. There’s also Chuck E. Cheese in Orlando but American is a better bet for a place that the whole family will enjoy. Pizza for cheap and Playstation for free makes it a popular place.

. This is mostly an adult location. However, they’ve got a kids menu and some “kids eat free” nights that make it a good spot for families, especially families who want to eat well on a budget. This is a good place to go if you’re going to enjoy a nice night out with the family in a way that treats everyone. You’ll find it inside the Hilton hotel.

. There are plenty of BBQ spots throughout Florida but this is the one that’s an award-winning location favored by both kids and adults.

. Families that like to indulge their creative side will find that this art-inspired restaurant provides an experience that’s unforgettable. It has perfect dining for adults complete with a great selection of wines but also caters to kids with a creative flair.

Caramel’s Family Restaurant. If you want to try something really different with your kids that’s off-the-beaten path of tourist restaurants, try this Arabian-infused all-ages restaurant which offers unique treats for all types of taste buds.

. If you want to teach your kids something while you’re on vacation, you can give them a lesson in environmental kindness by taking them to dine at this eco-friendly tea house. It’s not the typical fare that kids enjoy but since they’re out of the comfort zone of home, they may be more willing to try new tastes. If nothing else, the yogurt parfait filled with fruit will satisfy their sweet tooth without harming their bodies with a sugar boost.

. If your kids are starving as soon as the airplane lands, take them to this family-friendly Florida food restaurant which is located right near the airport. Patio dining will let you all start soaking up that Florida sun. Various events will keep the adults entertained while kids enjoy the experience.

. Burgers and hot dogs are foods that are supposed to be eaten on any vacation, especially if you’re going to a sunny, summery spot like Orlando. This East Coast chain has an Orlando location that will work for any meal.

. If your family likes good Chinese food, you’ll probably want to wait until you get back home because it’s not something that Orlando is known for doing well. However, there is one exception to this rule and that’s the Kim Wu restaurant which is a favorite of locals and travelers alike.

. Kids will love this place because they can flip their own pancakes before they eat them. Parents will love the beautiful nature in the park surrounding the restaurant.

. There are several dinner theater options in Orlando which provide a meal with entertainment. However, there aren’t too many that are interesting enough to keep adults engage but appropriate for children. This one, which has a nineteenth century boat in a lagoon as the centerpiece of the story, is one of the few that works for the whole family.

. This is a restaurant that’s interesting because it has many locations but they’re all in two spots: Florida and New Jersey. Until they expand, the only chance you’re going to get to check out the meals here is probably the vacation that you’re spending in Orlando. It’s got a tropical theme with Caribbean-based menu and they offer a “family feast” which gives you more food than you can eat for less money than you can imagine.

. Who doesn’t love a deli? Even if your kids don’t, there are plenty of standard (and super cheap) meal options on the kids’ menu. And there are some nicer choices for the adults in the group.

. This is a casual ‘hole-in-the-wall” kind of place. You don’t go for the trendy atmosphere because you won’t find it there. Instead, you go because the food is not-to-be missed. Make sure to save room for dessert because the fresh-baked goods are the best part.

You’ll find that there are plenty of restaurants at the attractions and destinations that you’ll visit throughout Florida. Those restaurants will satisfy your family’s taste buds in a crunch and a few of them are even worth making a stop at just for the food and the dining experience available there. But if you want to make sure that you stay within the family’s food budget while still eating meals that everyone enjoys, you’ll have to look a little bit harder. The right places are out there. Whether you want chain restaurants, local franchises or one-of-a-kind spots, they’re located somewhere in Orlando. These are just the ones that can get you started.

Creative Commons License Photo credit: Beraldo Leal