Family Fun in Hong Kong

Despite its return to Chinese rule, Hong Kong is still a fantastic place for a vacation and if you are considering taking your kids with you, then there are heaps of possiblities for family fun here. It’s a great family destination because it’s exotic but pretty safe, and also has a few attractions which kids and kids-at-heart just won’t be able to pass up, including:

  • Ocean Park is a sea-themed amusement park that has been operating for over thirty years and gets five million visitors a year – it must be good. As well as heaps of theme park rides and attractions, there are also various aquariums and opportunities to meet sea animals.
  • On Hong Kong Island, check out the Hong Kong Park which includes a fantastic children’s playground spread over several levels, providing hours of entertainment.
  • When you get hungry, having a Dim Sum style meal is great for kids, who love the idea of picking out different individual dishes from the trolleys that go past. With each dish being small and cheap, it doesn’t even matter if the kids pick something they end up not liking – someone else at the table can enjoy it.
  • Taking a ride on the Peak Tram, a furnicular railway that looks cute and goes up the very steep Peak Hill and is a lot of fun for kids.
  • Last but definitely not least, Hong Kong also has its own official Disneyland, which has some slightly Chinese elements but is otherwise similar to other Disneylands; it’s being expanded at the moment with new areas all ready to open by 2014.

Creative Commons License Photo credit: Chi King