Family Dining in Orlando

A family adventure in Orlando is something most families attempt at least once, some actually make the trip annually. But even in Orlando, finding a family friendly restaurant that is priced right and will serve a variety of nutritious meals that your kids will eat is a challenge. Luckily there are some restaurants that will fit all of your requirements and in addition to catering to your children, they’ll serve you a meal that you’ll enjoy as well.


Let’s get this one out of the way right off the bat, McDonald’s is known as a family fun place and their new menu includes healthier items for children AND you know your kids will love it but we’re not suggesting just any old McDonalds, if you’re going to go to McDonald’s when you’re in Orlando then you just have to visit the one on Sand Lake Road. This particular McDonald’s features the world’s largest PlayPlace and you have no idea how huge it is until you stop there. The gigantic play area is designed for children while a smaller area is set aside for toddlers, teens will love the arcade games and for parents there is a relaxing waterfall and a 500 gallon aquarium. And to make the experience even more upscale, the menu features additional bistro items and expanded dessert selections.

Rainforest Café

Another restaurant that your family may be familiar with is the Rainforest Café. The Rainforest Café is a little over the top, okay it’s a lot over the top but the level of excitement and activity will keep your children occupied until their meals come and the meals are typically better than you’d expect from a themed restaurant. If you can let go of candlelit dinner expectations it will probably be an enjoyable experience for everyone. In addition, the Rainforest Café store gives you a place to shop while you’re waiting or to find educational toys to keep your children occupied and maybe just a little bit educated.

NBA City

If there are sports fans in your family then NBA City is a must see stop on your itinerary, especially if basketball is a family favorite. The restaurant is designed to look like and arena from the 1940’s era and features an interactive game area, big screen televisions and a retail store full of pricey memorabilia. The basketball theme is pushed so far at NBA City that it’s twice been voted the best theme restaurant in Orlando. NBA City lets sports fans of all ages sit back and enjoy the game or at least the spirit of the game with what they term upscale, casual dining.

Soulplantation and Sweet Tomatoes

It seems you can’t list family friendly restaurants without including a pizza restaurant or two, so we bring you something totally new, Soulplantation and Sweet Tomatoes. This restaurant knows how to make pizzas that your children will love but they also know how to sneak in a lot of nutritional ingredients. In fact, they might even force mom and dad to eat better than they usually do. The huge buffet is loaded with fresh foods in the form of salads, endless pizza, pasta, soups, fruit and frozen yogurt. Soulplantation claims to bring the freshest ingredients to its customers by bringing them from ground to refrigerated truck within 24 hours. Believe it or not, the buffet selections are prepared fresh from scratch every single day. Pretty good for a buffet, in fact, their food is pretty good for any restaurant.


Another pizza restaurant you may want to check out, especially if you’re staying on the Disney grounds, is the very popular Spoodles. Located on Disney’s Boardwalk, Spoodles claims to be more than just a pizza joint, rather it’s a trip around the Mediterranean with coastal cuisine selections from Greece, Italy, Spain, and North Africa. Their official label for their fare is “cuisine of the sun”. But your kids don’t care about that, they want pizza and Spoodles makes pizza extra fun by using fire ovens where you can actually watch your pizza being made. In addition you’ll find lively music and entertainment to keep everyone happy (or at least distracted) throughout the meal.

Café Tu Tu Tango

If you’ve got a little one who is obsessed with tea parties, then Café Tu Tu Tango might be the best place to go for a real-live tea party. The unique attitude and atmosphere at Café Tu Tu Tango makes it an interesting place for parents and children to grab a meal. The restaurant has a serious bent for local arts and eclectic fun. Food at Café Tu Tu Tango is served tapas style with small selections that are meant to be shared by everyone. This is great for those who have a policy of taste everything but for those with more particular tastes there is a children’s menu which should please their palates. And make sure you have the tea to complete your tea party.

Boston Lobster Feast

Boston Lobster Feast is a wonderful place to bring the kids if you’re looking for fresh seafood at a great bargain. Children under four eat for free and those under 11 get the feast at half price. The feast we speak of is an all you can eat buffet that is unbelievable. Filled with piles of lobster, crab, shrimp, mussels, crawfish, oysters, chowder, claims, salmon, London broil, roast beef, pasta and a dessert bar. This restaurant is the perfect solution for families with big appetites and a love of seafood.

O’Boys BBQ

O’Boys BBQ serves up big bar-b-que flavor with high fresh ingredients that are cooked up fresh daily. Having won accolades for their quality and service O’Boys BBQ’s laid back atmosphere is family fun and comfortable for everyone looking to relax and enjoy a quality meal. And as a bonus, children under 12 can choose off the Small Pups menu where they can pick smaller portions of BBQ selections or standard favorites like hot dogs, hamburgers, grilled cheese and chicken tenders.