Family Dining in Cleveland

Cleveland is a great place to go on a family vacation, it’s packed full of exciting things that an entire family can enjoy. From the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum to an exciting day with the Cleveland Browns or relaxing cruise on the Nautica Queen Cruise Ship, there is a multitude of fun and enlightening things for a family to do on a vacation. But one thing that Cleveland knows better than most city’s with family activities is how to completely entertain a family, which includes creating family friendly food options that are inviting, tasty and healthy. Finding dining options for families on vacation is difficult in some cities and you’re stuck with the dreaded McDonald’s, but in Cleveland you’ve got a wide variety of restaurants to choose from.

Sweet Melissa’s

Sweet Melissa’s brings your family food that you can feel good about. They strive to provide guests with the freshest ingredients, organic options when available, no meats treated with hormones or antibiotics and they recycle. The restaurant is a fun earthy sort of place with a great menu and incredible bakery items. The food is typically American but has a little bit of a unique twist that should make it exciting for everyone.

Angelo’s Pizza

Angelo’s Pizza started off as a dream for owner Thomas Kess who opened his pizza shop in 1981 and relied upon video game sales to make ends meet. He eventually went to the American Baking Institute and visited Chicago and learned how to make one of the best crusts around. Today Angelo’s Pizza is one of the most successful pizzarias in the Cleveland area. The dough and sauce are made fresh daily and the ingredients are the freshest available. Angelo’s Pizza isn’t just about the pie though if you’ve got a finicky eater there are other options such as wings, pasta, salads, sandwiches and more. The perfect place for a family to enjoy a meal together.


Pizzazz was created by John & Marie Spiccia in 1975 and became a local staple for pizza, but it’s not just about the pizza as this family restaurant is full of heart and tradition. The Pizzazz S.O.M. is run and operated by Mark and Val Gaspar. Mark began working at Pizzazz at age 14 and became so close to the family he eventually helped David Spiccia open the “new” Pizzazz. The original Pizzazz on the circle is a bit more contemporary and features much more than pizza with Executive Chef Brian Pekarcik and Executive Chef David Gopar bringing incredible Italian cuisine to the clientele. The atmosphere at Pizzazz is low key and casual, perfect for a family meal.


If your family is more into the traditional barbeque, or BBQ, as opposed to the Mongolian sort then Hoggy’s is the perfect palce to bring the family. Opened in 1991 Hoggy’s quickly became a favorite of locals and visitors alike. Pork, ribs and chicken are smoked BBQ style with sauce and made from scratch side dishes to complement every meal. If you happen to have a family member who leans away from the BBQ style cuisine then there are also salads, soups, steak, chicken and fish, there is even a mac-n-cheese that will typically satisfy the most finicky eater. Hoggy’s is exciting and fun for everyone in the family and on top of that the food is incredible and will leave you full for hours to come. And kids 12 and under eat free on Wednesdays after 4pm.

Aladdin’s Eatery

Aladdin’s Eatery is a unique eating experience, so if your children are a little adventurous then give them a try. The Lebanese American cuisine provides good tasting, nutritious meals that contain a unique flair and flavor. In addition to their traditional meals, Aladdin’s provides its clientele with vegetarian options, gluten free foods, and meals that are tailored to diabetics and those with heart concerns. It’s a great new experience with enough options on the menu that everyone in the family should be able to find something they like or love.

The Stone Oven Bakery Café

The Stone Oven Bakery Café is a wonderful place for soups, sandwiches and salads. The restaurant began in 1993 when Tatyana Rehn began baking her own bread and found such success with her European hearth-baked bread that soon her restaurant opened to the community. The breads and other bakery items are delightful but the soups, salads and sandwiches are equally good. This is a nice safe place to take your family, everyone will enjoy the atmosphere and the food choices, especially if you opt for dessert.

BD Mongolian Barbeque

BD Mongolian Barbeque is a unique option for families as everyone gets to decide what they want to eat, fill their bowls with ingredients themselves and watch the cooks fire their ingredients up on the Mongolian style barbeque grill.  The atmosphere is casual and welcoming to all ages and the active, hands-on portion is a thrill for most youngsters. Its stir fry exactly the way you want it with your favorite ingredients.

El Rodeo

El Rodeo is perfect for the family who enjoys Mexican food as it features delightful family recipes that are authentic and will satisfy the Mexican food conneseur and there are stripped down meals for kids. On Mondays and Wednesday’s its kid’s night with Swifty the Clown entertaining the crew.  On Sundays one child’s meal is free per table so it’s not only a family friendly palce but it’s pocketbook friendly as well. Sit back and enjoy your meal or a margarita while your kids head off to their special toy room stocked full of things to play with.

East Coast Original Frozen Custard

East Coast Original Frozen Custard was created in a quest to recapture dreams of the good old days in Euclid Beach Park. Frozen custard is ice cream with egg yolk blended in it to make it smoother and creamier. The owners of East Coast Original Frozen Custard spent years tyring to refine their recipe and create a machine to blend their custard. The name of the company is in homage to the original custard created on Coney Island. East Coast Original Frozen Custard may not fit the regular definition of restaurant (as they only serve custard) it’s really a great treat for everyone in the family so stop in and enjoy an original frozen custard.