Family Dining in Baltimore

Taking the family Baltimore is a great idea, there is so much to see and explore that is both fun and educational. Founded in 1729 Baltimore’s harbor has always been a hotbed of activity, shifting away from the shipping port, the harbor now attracts tourists looking for an exciting experience laced with American history and fun.

One of the major problems with traveling your family is finding a restaurant that’s not only suitable for children but welcoming as well. There’s always McDonalds but who wants to spend an entire vacation dining with Ronald. Baltimore has several options for family dining that are unique, welcoming and a healthy alternative to fast food. Use our guide for family dining in Baltimore so your entire experience is an enjoyable one.

Bo Brooks Restaurant & Catering

Located right in the harbor, Bo Brooks Restaurant and Catering has been serving seafood since it was originally founded in 1964. In the beginning Bo Brooks was one of the only crab houses at the time so with its incredible steamed crab it quickly became a local hotspot and popular destination. If you’re visiting the Baltimore Harbor and really hankering for a taste of the sea then Bo Brooks is an excellent place to bring your kids with their excellent adult menu and kid tested children’s menu. Their fun atmosphere is never pretentious and the views of the harbor keep things light and casual. Reservations are only taken for 50% of the restaurant so if you want to make sure you get a table you can call ahead but if you’re a walk-in you’re still likely to find a spot for everyone.

Kosher Bite

Kosher Bite is a unique experience for a family as it gives you and the kids a chance to break out of the rut of burgers and pizza and try something totally different. For more than 20 years Kosher Bite has been serving diners in the Baltimore area. Their huge menu features a plethora of cuisine including American, Israeli, Szechwan, Russian and even sushi. In addition to being a great kosher alternative, there is simply so much to choose from that you can suit everybody’s cravings, even fussy children.

Rainforest Café

Sure it’s a chain, but the Rainforest Café is a great place to take children, no matter what city you’re in. They jungle theme is fun for everyone in the family and the food is designed to be family friendly fare and healthy at the same time. In fact, the kid’s menu has been revamped lately and the food is even more exciting, including the Volcano dessert which literally lights up a meal and can be the inspiration to get little ones to plow through the healthy food. If you’ve never been to a Rainforest Café you’ll love the way they cater to children and your kids will love the themed restaurant. If you’ve been then you know how much fun you will have and how entertained your children will be.

Papermoon Diner

The Papermoon Diner is a must for families visiting the Baltimore area. A self described eccentric Technicolor version of a diner, the Papermoon takes traditional fare and pumps it up a notch by adding incredible ingredients that can only make the comfort foods you love even tastier. One of the best things about this restaurant are the hours, if you’re traveling you’re not always in your home time zone, but your kids have a schedule and it’s easier to keep them in their typical routine. The Papermoon Diner is open at 7 am and the last seating is midnight on weekdays and 2 am on weekends. With the walls and the ceilings plasters with toys it’s doubtful that you’ll ever find anyplace as exciting for your kids.

Red Brick Station White Marsh Brewing Company

Red Brick Station White Marsh Brewing Company is a great place for parents to unwind after a hectic day of family activities and sample a couple of the locally brewed ales. The Red Brick Station is also a great place for kids as the environment is casual and fun and there’s actually a kid’s menu so you get the things they love in the portions that are perfect sized. If the weather allows you can enjoy your brew and meal outside and let the kids tire themselves out a little bit more.

Hollywood Diner

The Hollywood Diner is an authentic diner Mountain View Diner built in 1954. Starting in Long Island, the Hollywood Diner moved to Baltimore in 1981 and became a movie star, appearing in several Barry Levinson films, including the ubiquitous Diner. One really great thing about the Hollywood Diner is that by eating in their establishment you’re not only giving your kids a good dining experience, you’re helping out the youth of Maryland. The Hollywood Diner is owned by the Chesapeake Center for Youth Development and the employees are youngsters looking to make changes in their lives by attending school and learning vocational skills that will help them in the future. Can you get a dining experience better than that, you’re eating in a family friendly atmosphere that’s been featured in major motion pictures and you’re helping young adults develop a better future for themselves.


And quite possibly the best family dining restaurant in all of Baltimore, at least as far as the kids are concerned, is Jeepers. Jeepers is an indoor amusement park that is totally focused on entertaining your kids. In addition to the great roller coaster, Jeepers has arcade games, amusement rides, and a soft play area. The food at Jeepers is probably what you’d expect for an amusement park, lots of fried choices and the standard hot dog and pizza options, but who cares because there is no restaurant that is more inviting and exciting for your kids than Jeepers. If you’re going sightseeing in the Baltimore area you may want to save Jeepers for a rainy day or as incentive for your kids to tag along on the more educational experiences.

Baltimore is the perfect city for a family vacation as it’s loaded with sights that are historical, educational, and entertaining for the entire family. And in addition to its tourist attractions, the city is happy to welcome families and give them a plenty of dining options.