World Showcase

The countries represented in World Showcase each have a pavilion area that includes shops, dining establishments and some have films or ride attractions.

Mexico – Here you will feel as if you entered a Mexican bazaar area, with shops and music. It also includes a ride attraction, known as El Rio Del Tiempo – The River of Time.

Norway – The Maelstrom attraction is a boat voyage on a 16 passenger Viking ship as it takes you through a Viking village, past troublesome trolls and through a maelstrom. The highlight of the voyage is when the three headed troll puts a spell on your ship and tries to force it over the falls. Fastpass is available for this attraction.

TIP: Although the film at the end of this ride is only 5 minutes, parents have a tough time getting small children to sit through it. If you child does not seem up to viewing it, as you enter the theater, keep walking to the exits on the other side.

China – Here you will find a 360 degree Circle-Vision film on China, many shops and a few dining options.

Germany – The German village recreated here has several shops, cobblestone paved streets, a restaurant and an enticing bakery shop.

Italy – The Italy pavilion contains Venetian architecture, a fountain of the sea god Neptune, a restaurant, and many shops.

America – The main building is an impressive Colonial-style structure, where the show, The American Adventure is featured. You can also find a counter service restaurant, a gift shop and the America Gardens Theatre.

Japan – This pavilion includes Japanese architecture and landscape. The area also includes a large department store, and a restaurant.

Morocco – This pavilion recreates the buildings and architecture of Morocco including the famous prayer tower in Marrakesh. You will also find shops and a restaurant here.

France – View the Eiffel Tower as you walk past the shops and French pastry house. Sit and enjoy the fountains or garden area before you see the central attraction (Impressions De France).

TIP: This film is a great presentation and can be used as a rest spot for kids (even a spot for small children to get a quick nap) and parents who can sit and enjoy the movie.

United Kingdom – As you enter the United Kingdom section of World Showcase you will feel transported to an English street, complete with English architecture and English style phone booths (which actually work). You will find shops, a lovely garden area and a restaurant and pub.

Canada – Here you will find a breathtaking waterfall, exquisite gardens, a sit down restaurant, shops and a film presentation. The film is O Canada, a 17 minute presentation shown in Circle-Vision, 360 degrees.

TIP: As you enter World Showcase decide how you want to travel around the lagoon. It is best to determine where you plan to eat your meals that day (lunch and/or dinner) before you choose a direction. If you plan to eat dinner and watch the Illuminations show in the Mexico pavilion, you will want to start in the Canada area and work around the lagoon in a counter clockwise direction.

TIP: Small children may become frustrated or bored traveling through World Showcase. Do note that each country does have a Kidcot Fun Stop area designed to allow children to create an arts and craft type mask with decorations from each country.