Spaceship Earth – This giant geosphere serves as a landmark for Epcot and a premier attraction focusing on communications. This ride is 16 minutes long as your two person “time machine vehicle” takes you on a journey through time discovering how humans have advanced in the area of communications.

TIP: If the line wait is over 15 minutes, bypass this ride and try back later. Lines tend to be longer earlier in the day, as people enter the park and gravitate directly to this first attraction.

Innoventions (East and West) – These educational areas are filled with exhibits that are mostly “hands on”. Kids and parents will find many interesting things to do inside these pavilions. These can be toured at your own pace, stay for a few minutes or spend time checking out everything. Exhibits in these areas are subject to change – you may find different things every time you visit.

The Living Seas – this attraction focuses on marine life, boasting a giant saltwater aquarium. The pavilion is undergoing a major rehab. Finding Nemo characters were added here in 2005.

Turtle Talk with Crush – a new experience at the Living Seas, this presentation allows guests to have a conversation with Crush, a popular character from the Finding Nemo film

The Land – this pavilion focuses on the land we live on and how important it is to our lives. You will find a few attractions, and several dining options in this area.

Living with the Land – this 12 minute ride takes you on a tour of different agriculture exhibits, as it outlines the importance of man’s relationship with the land. Fastpass is available for this attraction.

Circle of Life Theater– this 12 minute film presentation features characters from the Lion King.

Soarin’ – The attraction loads guests into rows of seating that are then lifted in the air and as a giant screen shows breathtaking views of the state of California. As if the film was not stunning enough, the added feature of seat movement (you do feel you are flying), and the sensory elements (the smell of the pine trees, and the orange trees) makes this a top attraction in Epcot.

Imagination – this area is located just outside the Land area. It includes two major attractions.

Journey into your Imagination with Figment – this six minute attraction
takes you on a tour of the Imagination Labs. If you have small
children expect to visit this attraction more than once.

TIP: As you exit this ride, you will be inside an imagination exhibit area where you can conduct music, create photo emails, and create sound effects by stepping on lighted tiles in the floor. Kids love to spend extra time here so try to budget some time for this exhibit.

Honey I Shrunk the Audience -Using smoke, lighting effects, moving seats and water sprays this intense attraction does deliver top entertainment value. The presentation does feature time in complete darkness and overwhelming effects including snakes and mice, so consider this before entering with small children. Fastpass is available for this attraction.

Test Track – this headliner attraction takes riders on an automotive testing tour. You ride in a six person test car, as it takes you through different terrains and temperatures. The last part of the testing involves the vehicle going outdoors as it travels around the track at speeds in excess of 60 mph. This ride has a 40″ height requirement. Fastpass is available for this attraction.

TIP: Lines for Test Track tend to be long no matter when you visit. Either try first thing in the morning, as the park opens or do Fastpass. Another way to experience this attraction without a long wait is to consider riding as a single rider. This option allows you to enter the ride on a separate line designated for single riders. As you enter the line you will be brought up to the boarding area of the attraction. Cast members will seat you as seats become available in cars that are currently loading. You can usually board quite quickly, however you will not be loaded with anyone in your group or in the line near you. This is a great option for people wishing to ride this attraction with little or no wait.

Wonders of Life -This pavilion was officially closed in early 2006. Disney has not released any information on plans for the attraction area.

Mission Space – This newest Epcot attraction simulates a flight into
space. This ride uses NASA technology and allows you to feel like an
astronaut. The minimum height requirement here is 44″ and this ride is known to cause serious motion sickness. Fastpass is available for this attraction.

In Spring 2006, a second version of this attraction was created, allowing riders to experience the attraction without the spinning aspect – a good option for those who suffer from motion sickness.

Universe of Energy – Ellen’s Energy Adventure – this 45 minute attraction combines film and audio animatronics as you join Ellen DeGeneres on her adventure into the universe of energy.

TIP: Do not be scared off by the long lines – this attraction is able to move large groups of people through the ride rather quickly. A new show starts every 17 minutes.

Refreshment Port – this area found as you leave Future World and enter World Showcase Plaza. It is to the right of the giant fountains and is a great place to cool off and sample Coca Cola products from around the world