Enterprise Rental Car Enterprise Plus Club

Enterprise Plus is the new and improved loyalty program from Enterprise Rental Car, which replaces the Express Lane Program. Membership to Enterprise Plus is completely free and are entitled to discounted rates on personal rentals that booked through the website. Another substantial perk in Enterprise Plus is the timesaving. There is a phone # dedicated to members when they make reservations. Also, since your information is retained in your profile, the pick-up process is faster than if you weren’t. Additionally, at most North American airport locations, there are member special lines where you are given VIP treatment and avoid the long lines. As a member of Enterprise Plus, you can elect to receive the “Email Extras,” which is their newsletter that promotes special savings offers to members.


If you’re an Express Lane member, you need to convert your account to the Enterprise Plus in order to take advantage of the special offers. To do this, visit the website www.enterprise.com and click on the box labeled “Attention Express Lane Members” and click on the “Convert Now” key. The next step is to update the form with your information and create a new password. Make sure that the “Email Extras” box is checked so that you continue to receive the emails featuring discounts. You’ll be given a temporary number until your card and permanent member number arrive in the mail 4-6 weeks later. If you formerly utilized the Travel Agent Plus, that feature has also changed. Enterprise Plus for Travel Agents has replaced this program and offers more benefits. You don’t have to worry about losing the client contact lists as this information automatically transfers to the Enterprise Plus for Travel Agents. You can retain client contact lists online and booking personal rentals is faster. You can use Enterprise to book rental car reservations in North America as well as Puerto Rico, the UK, Ireland, and Germany; however the international locations don’t offer the expedited services.

Enterprise also offers a Business Rental Program that is flexible to meet the demands of your business. One nice perk that sets Enterprise apart from the other rental car agencies is that they pick you up, which comes in handy if you need a one-way reservation. As a member of the Business Rental Program, you are entitled to special pricing on every rental regardless of the length of your reservation. There are more than 6500 locations in North America with a location in virtually every major airport in the US. To learn more about the Enterprise Plus program or the Business Rental Program, visit their website at www.enterprise.com
Creative Commons License Photo credit: presta