Rich Emirates passengers can soon take showers

Flying is getting more comfortable by the minute, especially with the advent of the new A380 plane, slowly being rolled out across the world. The latest plan is that Emirates Airlines will include showers on its Airbus A380 planes to be used on long haul flights by first class passengers.

Can you imagine being able to take a shower just before you get off the plane? After all the miserable long haul flights I’ve experienced, I think it would be magical to be able to erase that icky feeling I usually had of being sweaty, unwashed and with bad hair as I stand in passport control lines or worse, after I meet long-lost family or friends in the arrivals lounge. A 30-hour travel time from Europe to Australia would seem only half as bad if I could shower before I left the plane.

But if I think about it just a step further, there are two problems. First of all, it’s highly unlikely that I’ll ever afford a first class fare on a long haul flight, so in the short term at least, showering on the plane will remain but a dream. And secondly, as if flying isn’t environmentally unfriendly enough, taking on the extra load of the one ton of fresh water required to run the showers is just one more – probably unnecessary – burden on the environment. And after all, we’ve managed to survive long haul flights all these years without showers. But maybe in a perfect world, everything would be possible …

Creative Commons License Photo credit: Deanster1983