Easy Grip Travel Luggage Scale

Forget the days of the nickel and dime surcharges, if you’re taking a flight these days you’re in for some serious sticker shock. Not only are airlines tacking on fuel surcharges but they’ve begun charging for “complimentary” beverages and food services as well as adding fees for checked baggage and assessing extra fees for overweight pieces.To avoid these additional charges you’re going to have to learn to pack lightly and cross your fingers or purchase a luggage scale to ensure that your bags are of an acceptable weight. Magellan’s offers a couple different options when it comes to portable scales. The Easy-Grip Luggage Scale is more high tech with a digital readout and an ergonomically designed shape. The luggage scale has an old fashioned scale face and hook, but comes with the added benefit of a built-in tape measure that will help you ensure your bag isn’t just within weight guidelines but also within size restrictions.

If you’re a shopper then having your own personal luggage scale may be exactly the right tool for you. Not only will it save you money (possibly hundreds) by preventing you from over packing, but that money can be used on shopping!

A tip for the traveler, if you do find that you’ve overindulged and purchased too much stuff you can always ship it home. It’s typically much less expensive than the additional fees the airlines will charge.