Visit South Australia’s Kangaroo Island

With a name like Kangaroo Island, you’d expect this place to be home to a decent number of those cute Australian hopping animals, and it is – in fact it has its own variety, aptly named the Kangaroo Island kangaroo!

Holidays On The Island of Fire

The seven, Spanish owned Canary Islands are located around 100 miles off the coast of West Africa. Close to the Tropic of Cancer and on a similar line of latitude to the Bahamas and parts of Florida and Mexico. Creating a clement year round climate that has earned the archipelago the epithet of the European […]

Getting On Top of Sydney Harbour Bridge

One of the most iconic symbols of Australia, the Sydney Harbour Bridge, is not only a functional traffic and pedestrian bridge crossing one of the world’s most beautiful harbors – it’s also becoming a classic tourist experience for visitors who want to get a different view of Sydney by getting right to the top of […]

Explore the Mexican Riviera

The cruise industry dubbed Mexico’s Pacific Coast the Mexican Riviera–a name whose glamor was bolstered by its prominence in the 1970s TV show “The Loveboat,” where Cabo San Lucas and Puerto Vallarta were often featured as ports of call. The area, which stretches from Baja, California to Mexico’s border with Guatemala, offers a little bit […]

Top Landmarks in London

Traveling London is an exciting adventure, there is so much to see and do it’s hard to fit it all into one trip but using the following guide will help you plan your visits to the top landmarks in London.

Romantic Destinations In Maryland

If you’re tired of sitting at home with your loved one and just need a little together time, you might want to consider some of the lesser known romantic destinations in Maryland.

Romantic Destinations & Getaways in Orlando

Sure, Orlando is the home of the great mouse (or one of his homes) but Orlando and the surrounding area is not just for the kiddies, if you look carefully enough there are places for the adults to play as well.

Sightseeing in Anaheim

Anaheim is known as the home for one of America’s most famous theme parts, the original home of the world’s most famous mouse, Disneyland. But the city of Anaheim has a lot more to offer that just the Disneyland Resort and its biggest local competitor, Knott’s Berry Farm. Anaheim is so chock full of family […]

Central Park Bow Bridge

Photo credit: Francisco Diez

Beautiful Bermuda

Standing alone in the mid-Atlantic, about 600 miles east of North Carolina, Bermuda is a picturesque and unique getaway. The archipelago of 138 small islands was first discovered in the 16th century by Spanish explorer Juan de Bermudez, who lent the island nation its name. Bermuda became permanently inhabited when a British ship crashed there […]

Vacationing on the Cayman Islands

Looking for a combination of relaxation, a tropical feel, a day or two of diving or snorkeling and some interesting sightseeing? Perhaps the Cayman Islands is a good destination for your next vacation. The Cayman Islands are a British Overseas Territory but you’ll find them in the western part of the Caribbean Sea, and they […]

Six Must-See San Diego Attractions

San Diego, California, from a tourist’s perspective, is perhaps best known for two of its main family attractions — the San Diego Zoo, and Sea World San Diego. Granted, those are both great places to spend a day when visiting the city. The zoo is one of the premier zoological parks in the world, known […]

Must-See Attractions in Barcelona

Barcelona might be the country’s second city after capital Madrid, but it is definitely my favorite place to visit in Spain. It’s a vibrant city full of color and life and sometimes a little craziness – it is certainly never boring. Some of the highlights of Barcelona’s tourist attractions include: A walk down Las Ramblas, […]

21 Not so Spooky Castles

Castles … they remain a modern day link to Kings, Queens, and Knights of the past. Sometimes if the castle was the home of historical figures like Count Dracula they can even be quite spooky. Below are 20 castles that showcase a wide variety of styles from across the globe, and one that locals believe […]

Sightseeing in San Diego

If you’re headed to San Diego on vacation you probably already have one or more tourist stops that you want to hit, the city is simply loaded with activities. Unless you’re planning on making a return visit, your best bet is to research what there is to see and do in San Diego and then […]

Romantic Destinations in Virginia

Virginia is for Lovers, so why not take your sweetheart for a romantic getaway? No matter what you enjoy most, you’ll find that there are many fabulous places to love in Virginia.

Visiting the Berlin Wall and Checkpoint Charlie

It’s over twenty years now since the Berlin Wall came down, and Germans will soon be celebrating the twentieth anniversary of the reunification of east and west Germany, too. When you visit Berlin, there are numerous ways to experience this history, centering around the Berlin Wall and Checkpoint Charlie, and including these popular tourist attractions: […]

Three Best Churches in Paris

Paris is full of beautiful churches and you can stumble into quite a few of them just from random walking through the Paris streets. However, there are three famous Paris churches which really are too beautiful to miss. Notre Dame Cathedral is arguably Paris’s most famous church, or in fact one of the world’s most […]

Visiting Grand Central Station

Grand Central Terminal or as the locals call it Grand Central Station, is located in midtown Manhattan at the corner of 42nd street and Park Avenue. In terms of platforms, its total of 44 makes Grand Central Terminal the largest train station in the entire world. In addition to its sheer size, Grand Central Terminal […]

Spas in San Francisco

It’s not hard to imagine why people leave their heart in San Francisco when you look at how many incredible spas are in the city, you could easily melt away and fall in love with the town. The following spas are popular and well rated spas in San Francisco that are worthy of your love.