What are Continental Luggage Policies?

Like many airlines, Continental recently updated their luggage policy. If you are going to be a passenger on a Continental flight in the near future you need to be aware of these changes and how they will affect you.

First off, if flying on an economy ticket you will be charged $15 for your first checked bag. For bag number two, a fee of $25 is assessed. For three or more bags, you are going to be charged $100 per excess piece.

Overweight and oversized baggage fees may also be assessed. Checked baggage larger than 62 linear inches when adding the length, width, and height are charged at the rate of $100 per piece. Any bag larger than 115 inches cannot be checked. In this case you will need to make special arrangements with the airline.

Bags weighing between 50 and 70 pounds are charged an overweight fee of $50 per piece. Any piece over 70 pounds cannot be checked.

Although these policies may seem strict and over the top, they are on par with the rest of the industry. By implementing these policies Continental is generating additional revenue. Before you head for the airport be aware of these policies and any fees that you may incur while checking your bag.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Cubbie_n_Vegas