Chasing Doctor Who in Britain

You probably have to be a science fiction fan to enjoy the new travel narrative Who Goes There: Travels Through Strangest Britain in Search of the Doctor, the second book by Doctor Who fan Nick Griffiths. It’s a nice concept: he’s picked out the sites used by the long-running Doctor Who television series and traveled to them, watching the relevant episode first so he can clearly visualize what happened there to which character.

If you’re not a big fan of Doctor Who, then it’s the kind of book you read skipping a few paragraphs here and then, when Griffiths goes into detail about the episode happenings that occurred at the newest place he’s traveled to. There is still plenty of interest as the quirky choices for filming sites (remembering that this includes alien planets!) lead Griffiths to many parts of Britain that the average tourist wouldn’t see.

In a neat twist, Who Goes There is accompanied by a website which includes Google map links to the locations described in the book plus information that’s valuable for pretty much any tourist – tips on the best ol’ English pubs nearby. Griffiths’ writing style is conversational and informative and will give you a few intriguing ideas for your next travels in Britain; and if you’re a Doctor Who fan, you’ll just be drooling with nostalgia.