Roller Coasters of Cedar Point Amusement Park

If you’re all about roller coasters then you’re all about Cedar Point Amusement Park, the coaster capital of the world.Although Cedar Point Amusement Park features rides of every ilk and for every age group, it’s the 17 roller coasters that have put this Sandusky, Ohio park on the map.

Blue Streak – This ride is considered an American Classic, as it’s been a feature for more than 41 years. It’s a traditional out-and-back coaster with loads of air time.

Cedar Creek Mine Ride – This is a theme ride that carries passengers in a runaway mine train. The highlights are the sharp spiral turns.

Corkscrew – Speaking of spiral turns, the corkscrew holds the title of first a couple times. It was the first coaster to span a midway and the world’s first triple looper.

Disaster Transport – Another theme ride, this one takes the astronaut passengers through space.

Gemini – Race through the wooden structured Gemini as your cart scrambles to pass your competitor’s.

Iron Dragon – The Iron Dragon provides some atmosphere with its misty lagoons and swaying treetops but it wraps things up with a pretzel knot that is anything but scenic.

Magnum XL-200 – Holding the moniker “Best Steel Roller Coaster in the World” this gigantic thrill ride hits speeds not found anywhere else.

Mantis – Centered in the middle of the park, Mantis is a bit of everything thrown into one ride. The twisted track flies through six different elements.

Maverick – The newest addition to the line up reaches back in time to the old west for a themed adventure that lasts an amazing two minutes and 30 seconds.

Mean Streak – For wooden roller coaster enthusiasts the Mean Streak is top of the list. It’s one of the tallest, fastest and steepest in the world.

Millennium Force – Travel 6,595 feet, 310 feet into the air at an awesome 92 miles per hour. What else needs to be said about this beauty?

Raptor – Raptor is considered an inverted roller coaster with seats that resemble a ski lift. This ride’s biggest thrill is the limited view, which creates a feeling of disorientation.

Top Thrill Dragster – In 2003 this ride shook the roller coaster world, as it was the tallest and fastest of its kind at the time.

Wicked Twister – This ride claims to be the tallest and fastest double-twisting impulse coaster in the world and gives thrill seekers a turn for their money.

Wildcat – To increase the thrill and create a unique experience, designers created individual four person compact cars.

Cedar Point Amusement Park is the largest amusement ride park in the world, the roller coasters are seriously just one segment of this thrilling landscape. There is fun for all ages and all adventure levels. Even spectators find smiles plastered on their faces.

Creative Commons License photo credit: kosheahan