Explore the caves of southwest Australia

The Margaret River and Dunsborough regions of Western Australia, the southwest corner of this vast country, are well known as the home to many fascinating caves, several of which are open to the public:

  • Ngilgi Cave: Located near Yallingup, and formerly known as Yallingup Cave, this cave has two large areas once you get down inside it. One side hosts weddings and has hosted choirs in the past, while the other takes visitors on a long walk up and down stairs to see various formations in the cave. It’s all full of stalactites and stalagmites, cleverly lit so we can see them best.
  • Jewel Cave: At the opposite end of the cape, Jewel Cave is actually the largest of the accessible caves in the area. It’s much darker and the entrance is a little scarier, but once you’re inside it’s worth it.
  • Mammoth Cave: Located closer to Margaret River, Mammoth Cave is unique in that you don’t need to join a tour guide to get access to the cave. There is even a wide boardwalk path entering it which allows some wheelchair access, although only into the first part of the cave.
  • Lake Cave: Also located near Margaret River, Lake Cave includes water features, as you’d expect from the name. This means that you can see some incredible reflections of the stalactites in the water.