Caribbean Travel Destination: Martinique

Does a vacation in the Caribbean sound magnificent? How about a retreat to a small French destination? If you can’t decide which sounds better, you might want to think about spending your next vacation in Martinique, a French-owned island in the eastern Caribbean. It’s got all of the great culture (and foods) that France is known for but it also has the beauty of the Caribbean and the spice of the Creole culture which makes it a unique travel experience.

Many people like traveling to Martinique because it’s a European destination which travelers may be more familiar with. The money system there is the Euro so travelers who have spent time in Europe have no trouble adjusting to the change of money when they visit Martinique. There is also a bit of European charm to the area which is unique for a Caribbean destination and is enjoyed by many travelers.

Despite its European charm, Martinique is definitely a Caribbean destination with all of the beauty and wonder of the beaches there. People seeking a relaxing vacation in a location that has beautiful sunsets, warm ocean water and terrific spa resorts find that Martinique meets all of their traveling desires. People also love this island because of the diversity of the nature that can be seen there. In the southern part of Martinique are the beaches that are typically associated with the Caribbean. However, the interior of Martinique is filled with mountain ranges that are great for hiking and the northern part of the region is filled with rain forests. The northern part of Martinique also has astounding black sand beaches which impress visitors from all around the world.

Throughout the entire area are numerous opportunities for enjoying outdoor activity. Much of this activity is enjoyed on the water. Kite surfers and wind surfers find that the winds and waters in Martinique are terrific for spending the day out on the water. Boating, kayaking and diving are also enjoyed by people who are on vacation in the area. It’s quite the treat to get out on the water and indulge in the warm sun and interesting activities on the water. Of course, it’s also nice to just relax on the beach there.

In addition to the nature that people enjoy when spending time in Martinique, there is some urban activity to entertain visitors in the cities there. The capital of Martinique is Fort-de-France, a historic city which is filled with gorgeous architecture and rich cultural experiences. The marketplace there is always filled with people who are friendly; visitors can go shopping for souvenirs in this area or simply go take in some of the culture by people-watching there. Fort Saint-Louis and Saint Louis Cathedral are two of the popular tourist attractions in this city.

Martinique is one of those destinations that has a little bit of something for everyone. You really can’t go wrong with any sort of Caribbean vacation, whether you’re trying to get away with a romantic partner or you want to take your kids to experience a new culture in a safe destination. With Martinique, you get a destination that’s both culturally diverse and relatively familiar.

(photo credit flickr cc)