Look For Bundled Attraction Discounts

GoCHI_CardSlantShadowIf you are going on vacation to a major city and want to see some of the featured attractions check to see if the city offers a bundled package. Much like you can bundle your cable, internet and phone services together and get a discount, some communities are going to bundled discounts on major attractions to appeal to tourists.

These bundled attraction packages typically offer you a considerable discount over what the standard prices of these attractions would be if purchased separately and some of them even qualify you for a discount in the gift shops which is perfect if you’ve got some souvenir shopping to do.

But don’t get suckered into paying for more attractions than you’re going to visit. Unused passes can add up quickly and suddenly your deal isn’t such a deal anymore. Get the details on the bundled attractions that are included in your deal and evaluate whether they’re actually places you want to go and if you’ll have the time and/or energy to see all of them. If not then it’s time to do a little math and figure out what the standard prices would be for the attractions you absolutely can’t miss and then compare that to the bundled pass. The bundle is a great deal, but only if you’re going to take advantage of all of the specials offered. Creative Commons License photo credit: Go Card USA