Visiting Buckingham Palace

The British Monarchy resides and serves in Buckingham Palace located in Westminster. This location served as the official residence for the Royal Family, when they are in London England, and has been since 1837. The Queen often invites guests for receptions and other official events in this divine, Royal Palace. Buckingham Palace is also open to the public for viewing. Each year, invited guests are allowed to view several of the 19 State Rooms inside the Royal Palace. Visitors remark on the grandeur and beauty of this remarkable, architectural delight.

Buckingham Palace is 24 metres in height, 120 metres deep, and 108 metres long. Seven hundred and seventy five rooms comprise this massive structure. Buckingham Palace is comprised of the following types of estate rooms:

• 52 Royal Bedrooms and Guest Bedrooms
• 188 Staff Bedrooms
• 92 Offices
• 78 Bathrooms
• 19 State Rooms

The Palace signifies the essence of Britain’s constitutional monarchy. Though noted for its grandeur, the building is functional and serves as a location to meet and discuss the affairs of the British. The State Rooms are often the site for official meetings with The Queen and other members of the Royal Family.

The Queen’s gatherings are some of the most coveted in the world. Each year over 50,000 people visit Buckingham Palace for the Royal Garden Parties and luncheons. Buckingham Palace also serves as a venue for other Royal Ceremonies organized by the Royal Household.

The Ballroom is often the site of many social gatherings and formal affairs in the Buckingham Palace. Annually, the Diplomatic Reception is held in this elegant ballroom. During this affair The Queen is able to meet each head of mission in the Court of St. James. Other gatherings are held in The Ballroom, as well. However, the Diplomatic Reception is one of the most notable and prestigious events.

The State Dining Room is the venue that most foreign dignitaries, Presidents, and Prime Ministers will convene for dinner or lunch with The Queen and others of the Royal Household. The State Dining Room is also the chosen location for Investitures or awards ceremonies, where Royalty are rewarded accolades for their achievements, including knighthoods.

The Bow Room is most familiar to invited guests of The Queen’s Garden Parties. Each guest must pass through this room in transit to festive garden events.

The Music Room serves as a christening site for Royal Babies. The Archbishop of Canterbury performs the ritual of christening nobles, such as Prince William, The Prince of Wales, The Princess Royal and The Duke of York.

Buckingham Palace’s art collections prove to be one of the most remarkable in the world. Several priceless works of art adorn the walls of the Royal Palace. The walls of Buckingham Palace’s provide the perfect backdrop for these remarkable works of art by the great artists of the world.

Perhaps the most intriguing tourist attraction occurs in front of the Buckingham Palace. Annually, the Changing of the Guard attracts thousands to view the ceremony that occurs daily during the summer months.

Creative Commons License Photo credit: khoogheem