What are British Airways Luggage Policies?

When flying British Airways you are allowed to check one piece of luggage free of charge. This is a decent deal considering the fact that many airlines are now charging for all baggage. That being said, British Airways luggage policies are not quite this simple. You must be aware of policies surrounding additional bags, as well as those that are overweight or oversize.

Any piece of baggage in addition to the first one will be charged a fee. Each passenger is allowed to check up to 10 pieces of luggage. Excess baggage fees are fixed and based on the length of your trip. Longhaul trips come with a fee is of £90 per bag or if paid online, £72 per bag. For a shorthaul trip the fee is £35 per bag or £28 per if paid online. One of the nice things about British Airways is that they do offer a discount of 20 percent if you pay the fee online. For most, this is well worth the time; especially if you are checking several additional bags.

British Airways also charges extra for oversize and overweight bags. This is based on a standard of 51 pounds and 62 inches when adding the height, weight, and length. Bags that are heavier than the standard are charged at a rate of £25 GBP per bag. To go along with this, it is important to know that bags over 70 pounds cannot be accepted as checked luggage.

Now that you are aware of the British Airways luggage policies you should have an easier time planning your trip and expected time at the airport.

Creative Commons License photo credit: abdallahh