Does British Airways Charge for Luggage?

In today’s day and age almost every airline charges for luggage. This is definitely the case with British Airways. Before you book a ticket on a British Airways flight it is important to be aware of the fees that you may incur. After all, you may be able to save yourself some money by choosing a different airline or at the very least packing smart.

At this time, British Airways allows each passenger to check one bag free of charge. This is more than many airlines can say, but after this first bag you need to know what you are going to face.  Any checked baggage over your one free piece will be charged an additional fee. Each passenger is allowed to check up to 10 bags. Fees are fixed and based on the length of your trip. For a longhaul trip the fee is £90 per bag or if paid online, £72 per bag. For a shorthaul trip the fee is £35 per bag or £28 per if paid online.

Additionally, British Airways also imposes fees for luggage that is overweight and/or oversize. Bags that are heavier than 51 pounds are charged at a rate of £25 GBP per bag.

British Airways may allow you to check one bag without a fee, but there are times when you may need to pay extra money in order to get your luggage to its destination.

Creative Commons License photo credit: inkiboo