What are British Airways Baggage Restrictions, Luggage Charges and Carry on Luggage

It is important to be aware of British Airways baggage restrictions, luggage charges, and carry on luggage policy before booking a trip on this airline. They have recently implemented changes to their policies, and all passengers need to follow these guidelines.

When you are traveling to the United Kingdom, Europe, United States, Canada, South America, Caribbean and Mexico, you are allowed to check one bag for free of up to 51 pounds and 62 inches when adding the height, weight, and length.

Any items over your one free piece will be charged an excess baggage fee. Each passenger is allowed to check up to 10 pieces of luggage. Fees are fixed and based on the length of your trip. For a longhaul trip the fee is £90 per bag or if paid online, £72 per bag. For a shorthaul trip the fee is £35 per bag or £28 per if paid online.

British Airways also charges an additional fee for luggage that is overweight or oversize. This is based on a standard of 51 pounds and 62 inches when adding the height, weight, and length.

On all British Airways flights each passenger is allowed to carry on two bags. This includes one standard size bag, as well as one smaller bag such as a purse, briefcase, etc.

British Airways baggage policies are a bit more complicated than other airlines. That being said, you still need to know what you are up against so that you can properly pack and prepare for your trip.

Creative Commons License photo credit: James Cridland